Bleach Anime Openings l Tier List | 15 Openings Ranked Worst to Best

In this episode we will be ranking the Bleach ops from best to worst.

*~Asterisk~ - by Orange Range

D-tecnoLife - by UVERworld

Ichirin no Hana - by High and Mighty Color

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - by Beat Crusaders [bount filler arc]

Rolling Star - by Yui

Alones - by Aqua timez

After Dark - by Asian kung-fu Generation

Chu-Bura - by by Kelun [Fake capt arc]

Velonica - by Aqua timez

Shojo S - by Scandal

Anima Rossa - Graffitti by [Zanpackto filler arc]

chAngE - by miwa

Ranbu no Melody - by Sid

BLUE - by Vivid [The Reigai Uprising filler arc]

Harukaze - by Scandal


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