Created by two Otaku's living in the UK in 2019 who love Anime, Manga, and Video Games. We have a passion for Japanese culture and history, as well as the anime and manga we love. Our podcast is a way to share our passion with others! 

Who We Are

Undisputed Anime Podcast started way before our podcast, twitch or youtube did.

Back in High School we were the guys drawing and posting on OG Deviantart & forums like Go Manga to share our love of all things Otaku with the world. We went to local conventions and stayed up late at each other’s houses watching all the anime we could. For Christmas we’d ask for those ‘How-to-Draw Manga’ guides or the latest Final Fantasy.

We never truly went into the Otakuverse as such, Just like you we’ve lived it for as long as we can remember. 

Our goal is to build a community and platform for everyone else who roams the Otakuverse, whether you’re alone or with friends. While ‘Real Life’ stuff takes up most of our time, we banded together to start our Guild; indulging in all the latest the anime & manga has to offer.

Name Change

In its past incarnation as 'Into the Otakuverse', we are retiring our 'Otaku Podcast' name and transitioning into the 'Undisputed Anime Podcast'. All things anime & manga will continue to be covered. Bringing more listeners and fans of this marvellous genre together is the purpose of this change to the podcast's discoverability. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Zane Reid

Founder & Creative Director 


Co Founder

Just some of the awesome people we collaborate with…

Anime Freshmen

Ashton Zala

Melissa Hamblett

Sensei Nash



Undisputed Anime

Undisputed Anime Podcast covers on all things anime & manga. Join us as we discuss, recommend and analyse everything related to anime. Hosted by Zane Reid & Tsutsudae