Every Anime We Watched in Spring 2023

Every Anime We Watched in Spring 2022

Welcome to the bi-weekly podcast, Undisputed Anime, where hosts Zane and Tsutsudae discuss news, reviews, and discussions on their favorite anime and manga series. In this episode, they discuss the anime and manga series they've been watching and reading in Spring 2022.

Zane and Tsutsudae share their thoughts on various anime series, including their favorite characters, plot developments, and overall impressions. They also talk about their current reading and gaming habits, including Tsutsudae's recent reinstallation of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

They also mention Hideo Kojima's new studio and how Zane is currently stream Zone of the Enders Mecha series on Twitch.

Zane discusses his thoughts on the anime film Suzume, comparing it to the style of Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle and praising its storytelling and characters.

The hosts conclude their episode by discussing their thoughts on the anime series Demon Slayer and its ability to make viewers care about the characters. They also share their thoughts on the Swordsmith arc and other plot developments.

Overall, Zane and Tsutsudae offer an insightful and entertaining look at the anime and manga series they've been watching and reading in Spring 2022.

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