Top 10 Anime That Desperately Need a Reboot

Top 10 Anime That Desperately Need a Reboot

🤖 The Undisputed Anime Podcast discusses the need for reboots in anime series that started before the manga was completed.

📺 "Soul Eater" is an anime that deserves a reboot, as it diverged from the manga due to its ongoing release schedule, leaving a lot of untapped potential.

📚 "The Promised Neverland" is another example of an anime that went off-course from the manga, leaving many fans disappointed with the direction it took.

🎨 "D.N.Angel" deserves a second chance as the anime didn't do justice to the fantastic manga, and with the right studio, it could shine..

🎥 Tsubasa Chronicles should get a reboot, as the anime tried to bridge two different series and didn't fully capture the manga's darker tone.

🎬 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles has the potential for an expanded multiverse similar to the MCU, with parallel stories like xxxHolic.

🕊️ The King of Bandits Jing deserves a reboot with an eclectic, wacky, and fast-paced world that follows the adventures of the protagonist.

🌟 The Black Butler, or Kuroshitsuji, deserves a reboot to align with the manga's storyline and provide proper closure.

🎤 Hamatora: The Animation should get a reboot to faithfully adapt the manga and deliver an exciting, visually appealing experience.

📚 D.Gray-man should receive a reboot once the manga has concluded, with updated animation and visuals to match the story's dark tone and quality.

These key takeaways summarize the discussed anime series that the speakers believe should get a reboot or adaptation that closely follows the source material.

📺 The discussion is about rebooting anime series, and "D.Gray-man" is suggested as a candidate for a reboot.

🤔 The suggestion for rebooting "D.Gray-man" is made to introduce new generations to the series and give it more recognition.

🎥 Potential studios like Wit Studio or MAPPA are discussed for rebooting "D.Gray-man" with excellent animation and storytelling.

🎨 A fresh coat of paint on "D.Gray-man" is suggested to improve the series.

🌟 The original "D.Gray-man" series is praised but discussed in the context of getting a reboot.

🎉 "D.Gray-man" is highlighted as a series that doesn't get as much spotlight as it deserves.

🎮 The idea of adapting the "Pokemon Adventures" manga and exploring the perspective of characters like Red or Team Rocket is suggested.

💡 The possibility of exploring different perspectives within the Pokémon universe, including characters like Gary Oak and Giovanni, is discussed.

📢 The hosts encourage viewers to suggest topics for future episodes and provide links to their social media in the video description.

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