Top Most Anticipated Anime for Spring 2023

Top Most Anticipated Anime for Spring 2023

As spring rolls around once again, it's the perfect time for anime fans to start looking forward to the new series that will be released this season. With so many different shows to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your time and attention. That's why we've put together a list of our top recommendations for the best anime series that will be released this spring.

First up on our list is "My Hero Academia Season 5". This beloved shonen series follows the story of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya who dreams of becoming a hero despite not having any powers. In the new season, we'll see our favorite characters face new challenges as they navigate their way through their hero training, all while trying to save the world from the villainous League of Villains.

Next on our list is "Fruits Basket: The Final Season". This emotional series follows the story of Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school student who ends up living with the mysterious and wealthy Sohma family. As the final season approaches, we'll finally get answers to some of the biggest questions surrounding the Sohma family's curse and its impact on their lives.

Another highly anticipated anime series this spring is "Zombieland Saga: Revenge". This comedy-horror series follows a group of zombie idols who are brought back to life in order to save their town from financial ruin. In the new season, we'll see the girls face new challenges as they continue to navigate their way through the world of show business.

Finally, we have "SSSS.Dynazenon". This mecha series follows a group of high school students who team up to fight giant monsters threatening their city. With stunning animation and a gripping storyline, this series is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

Overall, this spring promises to be an exciting season for anime fans, with plenty of new series to look forward to. Whether you're a fan of action, comedy, or drama, there's sure to be something out there that will capture your interest. So why not give one of these recommendations a try and see what all the fuss is about? You never know, you might just find your new favorite series.


(00:00) welcome to a brand new episode of Undisputed anime this is your One Stop Shop for anime news recommendations and reviews sometimes actually we've done a lot of reviews recently haven't we um I'm your hosting taicho your captain of recommendations as always I'm joined by the fantastic man the legend of a hundred manga manoise Susu day how are you good sir it is apparently Sunny which is oh it's great when you're outside but you know when it's shining in through the windows oh it's giving you that beautiful like

(00:44) you know that moment in in anime where everything's all at lost moment and then there's that bright light and then the hero looks up and then it's like the real MC arrives that's it that's it you're in that moment but continuously right now let's bring it down to me just need a cloak to do that whoosh lonely I'm still in the camp of we need to normalize cloaks and capes again I want to live in a world where I don't have to put my like arms into sleeves when it's cold I wanna I wanna just be

(01:20) able to pull on a cloak and like walk out into the snow and the winds oh yeah I mean I'm probably gonna expose myself a little bit here but in the winter in the house I I do like to wear a poncho I want to say I wear a poncho but I do something very similar with a blanket and I don't I just have the blanket my shoulders I actually like you know you clip it so it's actually falls over your shoulders like a cook oh okay uh I'd like I'd like to walk around my house like a weary King I always think of um Sasuke in that um

(02:00) movie where he has like the turban and the and the in the pond oh in the last yeah yeah yeah yeah when he saves casually like cutting down a meteorite just you know like it's nothing who knew this story was so op who knew who knew move a child that movie yeah he basically gave a child an AK-47 and then that child then used the AK-47 as the basis to create an atomic bomb laughs wild wild we are off track a little bit here because today's episode we are going to talk about the Summer Breeze that is spring that is coming through uh

(02:54) so we've got the we're going to give you some recommendations of the spring lineup uh but before all of that as always we're going to give you some anime news I'd like to thank the sponsor of today's video surfsharkvpn who have given me now get this 83 off plus three months free so if you've been meaning to pick up a VPN that might be the time surfshark is a trusted VPN to help you protect your privacy online whether that's protecting yourself from malicious websites or if you're in a

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(04:07) you'll get 83 percent off and three months free check it out uh there's some anime news this week well not just this week in the last couple of days alone so let me bring it all up bring it all through so kicking things off Undead unluck will have its own series come October uh being produced by Studio David oh David Productions I should say uh for those who aren't familiar David Productions are more familiar famous I'd say for the JoJo series as well as I want to say fireforce as well if memory says me

(04:54) correctly but um how do you feel about this you excited to see Undead unluck well as I was saying to uh saying to you and our pal um I have never been able to get into the manga of it I don't know what it is there's just something that has not captured me in the way that a lot of mangas do you usually I'll read a couple of chapters that I'm like this is this has got a lot of potential and I will push through but for this I was kind of like I read a couple of chapters like this this is not interesting to me at

(05:25) all which is sad yeah it's crazy as well because I remember this being one of those series that's in Shonen jump and there were so many new series coming through but then canceled like Phantom is it Phantom c c Phantom Seer there was the Red Hood one I really liked um there was just so many that was coming out and getting axed um you know before it even got to like 12 chapters yet somehow this one survived and it's dare I say I want to say it's like over a hundred maybe even 200 chapters deep um

(06:06) so yeah it's it's crazy how popular it is but it feels kind of slept on in the same way I never hear anyone talk about it but it seems to be doing really well to survive 151 chapters that's what's shown on um Shonen Jump's website so right yeah so yeah it's um I'm definitely going to give it a try uh because it seems to be a stable for a while and it must be a staple for a good reason so um yeah I think people like what they like so I mean my opinion my opinion like kind of like is hushed away because of like it's

(06:49) obviously good because it has an audience yeah yeah absolutely absolutely uh in other news I knew this one would excite you I'm kind of annoyed that you texted just before we started recording in our group chat but uh a returner's magic should be special uh Emmanuel is receiving an anime adaptation uh which it's another banger uh what surprised me this is going to be a Crunchyroll original I mean I mean to be fair they they did a cracking job with God of high school and um Tower of Gods so I mean it's it's really it's a and

(07:38) like I said to you um just before the show this is uh it's a it's got a really as a story it's it's a really well placed to be a to be an anime uh it's got like the kind of right story structure to kind of be adapted like that without any effort it looks good the artwork looks really good it's really clean yeah and it's it's a it's a very it's a very like very good story of a character who you can tell will be powerful but isn't actually powerful like he's like the whole

(08:14) premise behind him is he's he's a wizard but he's like one of the lowest classes of wizards but as a result of the things that happen in the story it's like the end of the world he gets sent back in time um he's obviously what make what makes him more powerful is the fact that he's got knowledge of what will happen and he's able to kind of like get a head start on everything that he started late on in the previous iteration of the life wow okay yes it's very it's very good

(08:42) it's very very uh very very good I'm I'm excited because I'm not only as you mentioned before have we had just a taser taste little taster of uh manwa originally with God of high school and Tower of God um but we seem to be suddenly getting a new a second wave with this and of course solo leveling um which we will talk about a little bit but nice segue check out sushi day's recommendation of a manwa that we did a couple of weeks ago um very popular episode by the way congratulations would you believe that a

(09:25) return as magic should be special was not on my list but it is it is exceptional it's very good I don't know why it slips off my radar when I was making that list that's just I read I read so many that's fair that's fair I mean it was it was a great list uh for those who want to jump into the world of manoir um this next news article really surprised me so excuse for my pronunciation but Matos senhi no slave uh got a new key Visual and the anime series will start January 2024.

(10:10) um I've read a few chapters of this uh mainly because it's the same mangaka or manga author from uh akiri akiri came in okay no kill sorry nice okay okay looks good I yeah so we've read a few chapters of this it's kind of uh um our MC gets not so much teleported to another world but he's there's a demonic world that they try to hold back the horde of demons and such and um in that World um he's almost like a he he's treated like a a as a slave like a someone who does all the housework and

(10:59) cleaning in this particular Barrack with um all these other women who are Defenders against the the sort of onslaught demonic chords yeah yeah yeah um the artwork is is really good um it's it's really fun it's kind of your classic sort of harem yeah yeah exactly so um yeah I'm I'll definitely give it a watch because I I liked the couple of chapters I've read of this I I might have to give it a read um it looks good and I really did like uh I really enjoyed um oh can we work uh no kill um

(11:42) I really enjoyed it I didn't enjoy the math the anime so much but manga was absolutely like cracking yeah yeah it it has its own little following that series like this so many people still faithful to it um even now yeah yeah I guess that's the same with other things like uh what's what's like topped here for one person isn't top tier Forevers um so just how it'd be exactly exactly uh the next thing I I wanted to bring up with you is uh exciting news the Black Clover sword of the wizard King has a

(12:19) new trailer uh the worldwide streaming begins on Netflix in June 17th uh sorry June 16th this year nice nice I'm guessing that this is being done as a separate thing oh really no I just uh I'm just like I'm looking I'm looking here just now and this is this isn't Canon [Laughter] in unless unless I have missed an entire Arc it's nice I don't recognize half of like half of those uh characters they're fighting so okay the classic sort of OVA outside of continuity which would probably make more sense as

(13:07) to why Netflix has it um it struck me as odds that that Netflix would have it yeah that's true um half the exclusivity of it even though it's still the series is still streamed on Crunchyroll right yes scrunchyroll still got it so again though this could be like a another case of like uh Disney and bleach it could be dirt as a matter of Netflix has thrown a colossal amount of money to stay in play yeah it's not a bad idea yeah so um you know it's difficult though it is tricky I just want all my anime in

(13:54) one place you know this [Laughter] um but how do you want your solo leveling because solo leveling is scheduled for winter 2024. so it's still a long way off it's still a little time to wait but as you mentioned before there was a trailer earlier this week I believe and um the trailer was really good it really squashed any sort of doubts I had about the look and presentation yeah I think that the initial teaser that we got when it was announced um left a lot to be desired but having now seen um this latest trailer

(14:40) um I'm I'm pretty happy with how it's looking so far um they've obviously done a lot of Justice to the characters they've got this the smile on the Statue perfect yeah honestly um look identical as well to them yeah so I'd be very interesting I'm what I'm what I'm interested to see is how they adapt the story because I know I know it's already been said that it's an it's going to be an adaptation of it yeah so to speak so I don't think it's going to be one for one with the anime it

(15:10) might actually follow more closely with what they've done because they've obviously adapted it to novel and like manga so it could be you know it's true so uh but yeah I'm looking I think it'll be good regardless of how how it holds up against the base material because I mean the base material is just probably one of my favorite things I've read in years like I I'm I'm still enjoying reading it now like I'm about to we just restarted reading it so I everyone I know who's read it always

(15:44) goes through a second read at least a second read I think that when you're reading it the first time around you're kind of like you'll kind of do it it's like when you're reading the manga it's like you're reading it you're getting a new chapter every week yeah every chapter and you're kind of like strip fed this incredible story over a long period of time and what I really like about Memoir especially when I start a new one is I like being able to read like a hundred chapters or something

(16:09) I like just being able to go for it yeah yeah so to be able to read solar leveling all the way through from start to where it currently is it's great so hmm talking about where things are at the moment uh we got confirmation that my hero Academia season seven is in production well no way they they what it's not even that popular but who even watches my hero Academia [Laughter] this is Charles sometimes um yeah this is I think this is great news uh mainly because season six it's had a rocky but I feel like when it went into the

(16:57) dark Deku uh Arc it's really picked up a lot of steam like a lot of people uh tweeting about it and showing Clips on Tick Tock and stuff so yeah I feel like it's really gone into a second gear with this I think that I think that a problem that a lot of people have is that you've got obviously got a split between people who watch and read and people who only watch so I get the feeling that there's probably a lot of people who only watch who go into the current season and they don't expect it to slow down quite as

(17:31) much as it does yeah yeah before it gets into all this like crazy like like anti-hero Deku stuff yeah there is the element of that there's also the the conversation on how they handled the whole villain Arc as well um because they've really chopped up and changed it in some bits because uh during the fight well you know the the dabby dance moment so just after that compressor and uh the lizard guy I can't remember his name now they have a flashback and it flashes back to the beginning of the villain Arc where

(18:12) they'd start beating up Cults and taking their money and jewelry and stuff to to fund their Enterprise um before they get fined found by the the doctor so um again it really chops it up into and sprinkles it into weird Parts but I guess it doesn't surprise me that it's a bit all over the place with that particular art because of as is common knowledge now um um the manga car had intended for the villain Arc to go on for much longer in the manga but people just were not interested as interesting I didn't know

(18:49) that is that yeah I'm pretty sure that that's uh that's what the the case was I think that the the villain Arc was meant to be a much bigger thing yeah in in the manga but because of like popularity polls and stuff like that you obviously they do week on week like how well someone's doing I think that they're that the um manga's popularity like dropped during that so he brought it to a close a lot sooner makes sense I can see that I'll find a source on that I would like to make sure

(19:16) that I am not just talking out my ass um that's fair as you do a little fact check I am just going to remind you and the rest of the community that Jiu Jitsu Kaizen season two has a new key visual which sees Gojo in his younger years in gato uh I am so excited for season two ways absolutely wild um we also have a Visa trailer as well didn't we yes indeed it's great looking real good well I can't find my source so uh take what I said with a pinch of salt but um but yeah I'm I'm under the impression

(20:07) that it was meant to be a long Arc in the manga or at least it was meant to proceed in a very different way but because of reception it didn't get proceeded in the way that they wanted so yeah I'm with you if I find out I'll share with you and you can share it to the you can share it on the like pin it in the comments or something like that yeah all the the socials yeah um my last bit of news I know it was a pretty big segment this week but uh I thought it was worth showing uh that's me that's the one I want there we go uh

(20:48) is getting a new anime adaptation so I saw um but what I'm unclear of is this is like is this like an actual complete completely separate to the main gentama like and like story I'm guessing I'm not 100 sure I because I've seen a lot of promo material for it where like you've got the characters dressed up as like the protagonist from other anime hmm but I'm not sure if they're like redo it like if they're redoing the anime or if it's gonna be like a completely separate like uh thing so Senpai sources here

(21:31) says season three uh sorry series three and Zed gummy Uh is getting an anime adaptation a spin-off series when uh jintama characters are depicted in a school setting oh okay okay okay that so it's completely separate like thing that's right yeah cool cool cool cool feels like years since I've last seen um any of that Series yeah I feel like um jintama is one of those series as well where I just couldn't keep up with I just I I started reading it and I really struggled to continue to keep reading because I think that when

(22:15) something when like the action started like when there really serious stuff happened it was like really engaging but when all the very like in-between light-hearted stuff was happening I I just fell off really easily yeah it's um it always surprised me how big it was as well like considering it was like a gag sort of anime or Manga you know it's probably like how huge it was and even when I went to um Shonen jump world in Japan like there was quite a lot of stuff there for it and I was kind of like wow this is bigger than I thought

(22:51) it was sips tea so there you go that's all of the news this week uh shall we jump into spring 2023 um yes absolutely let's do it so as we like to do on this show we like to have a look at to see what's coming up and maybe we'll add it to our list our watching list for that whole season uh Sushi day if you've got anything to start a software I mean that's a pretty strong start right there at the top anyway like that's a really strong starting free right there yeah so we got uh we got demons layer yes

(23:45) um the swordsmith Village Arc um first episode great can't wait to continue continue along especially because I'm currently uh re-watching with my wife who is not surprisingly loving so good just about to start moving train oh exciting yeah so very fun many ads um I'm gonna get Gonna Get Us canceled I can't even get rid of it but there we go [Laughter] there we go um yeah so that's exciting uh Dr Stone new world you're a big doctor Stone fan Dotson new world I'm looking forward to it like dot stone is one of those

(24:39) um one of those manga that kind of did exactly what he needed to do it didn't drag itself out it kind of did the story up to the point where it needed to and then it ended there's permit that's that's you know in the same way that demonstrated Demon Slayer honestly didn't try and fill itself out with filler it didn't try and prolong itself it literally started the story had an end point got to the end point in the most logical way possible and that's not exactly what Dr Stone did so I'm really looking

(25:08) forward to the new season of Dr Stone because uh it's also a very different format in terms of like it's not like your typical battle Shonen manga it's very different agreed definitely um start date of April 6th 2023 uh on those science boys [Laughter] so that'd be really good I didn't mention when Demon Slayer is starting it's starting on the 9th of April so um yeah not too far away uh this one is probably my number one pick Hells Paradise I am really excited for this one it's incredible it's incredible as a

(25:55) manga um so I'm looking forward to seeing it adapted uh absolutely crazy like wild and I guess it kind of we talked about it on one of the early episodes of the podcast but this kind of brings together the the dark Trio uh as some call it in the community uh hell's Paradise uh chainsaw man and Jiu Jitsu Kaizen were seen as the uh dark Trio because it's very demonic based and yeah a lot of a lot of um deadening a lot of I'm not afraid to show some blood or innocence getting murdered hmm absolutely so uh yeah with the start

(26:45) date of the first of April so again a lot really excited for that one to to begin yeah absolutely it's gonna be interesting to see how it's received as well um but typically I I you find that stories like this are like usually well received especially if um the animation really stays true to you know Source material so is that another one yeah absolutely we're going to be talking about Marshall and muscles and Magic why should everyone be excited for this one well for one thing for one thing it is just

(27:27) the most ridiculous story um absolutely ridiculous um but it's great it's it's so fun it's fun in the same way that like uh one punch man and um mob psycho 100s are fun in that it's very light-hearted I find myself laughing at like every chapter but then it's like interlaced with all this very serious like this very serious plot and stuff it's like it's it's it's such a fun concept and the idea of this like of the protagonist being born as a human with absolutely no magic ability in a world

(28:11) it and this isn't like a Black Clover Aster kind of situation this is like everyone in the world has everyone in the world has magic except this one guy and it's not even so much that he's persecuted it's like literally like illegal oh wow yeah it's like like he would be locked up for not having Magic uh but then he gets to go to like basically he's told that if he becomes like I can't remember the exact sir these title but if he becomes the wizard King if he becomes like the the best wizard in this

(28:47) Wizarding school like yeah people what have no choice but to acknowledge Him and accept him so he goes to his with school and he's obviously got no magic but he manages to overcome every single class every single task he's given through sheer physical strength like uh I obviously don't want to support things but like there's like stupid stuff like uh you need to like they learn how to fly their boobs it's very Harry potter-esque but they have a class where they learn to fly groups he can use magic so he can't get them

(29:19) proves to just fly but he's able to get the broomstick to fly by consistently moving his legs to this extent where he like lifts off the grounds like oh wow that's pretty cool uh I'm really excited to see it um it's gonna be fun yeah like he said and just having a quick look I didn't realize this is being produced by A1 pitchers um who I feel like I'm making a big comeback this year well this year and next with solo leveling so I think a1's really pushing the boundaries of their what

(29:57) they can do but um they've obviously had some they've had some absolute bangers like last couple of years as well and they're obviously responsible for uh Sword Art um yes um fairy tale um Blue Exorcist yeah yeah actually they're obviously produced currently producing store all like the The Sword Art Online Progressive stuff so good stuff uh April 8th is when we will it's gonna be busy busy busy it really is uh I'm trying to think of another one that I saw earlier I guess we have to talk about ranking of Kings

(30:52) honestly this spring is going to be excellent for anime you may have seen in previous episodes when we were talking about our predictions for the anime Awards um I ranked I ranked ranking of Kings no pun intended very very highly I expected it to do so much better than it did um which is unfortunate but obviously I'm not to say that the things that did did win weren't deserving of it I just found um ranking begins to be a completely unique experience all of its own yeah as far as anime is concerned and then I

(31:29) encourage you to watch it you don't yeah collaborate with me now can't you 100 yeah it was truly a mesmerizing series um the everything about it is just captivating on every level the art style the the type of Animation the sound effects is all just so good and um they really found the perfect formula with it uh yeah really took the Underdog Story and elevated it I think like they didn't and they elevated it in like it's not like a very typical like anime manga way that they did that they elevated it

(32:11) in a very um Ghibli way 100 I mean it looks and feels like a Ghibli project yeah um which I think is it's not a detriment to it if anything it probably opens more doors to it because people like my wife this is her favorite series now and this is the only series she started and finished to the end that's incredible yeah it really is that is an incredible to be able to keep her attention and just again for for our audience to give a little content um my wife anytime she meets someone who watches anime or Manga she pretends that

(32:57) one piece or Full Metal Alchemist is her favorite like she's only seen 10 episodes of One Piece she's she's seen up to the part where usop is introduced and that's it next time I see your wife I'm going to ask her about something that happens like several arcs in she'll change the subject to the opening song at how amazing it is she wouldn't have even heard the opening song reimagined like 10 years later but anyways uh yeah it's gonna be amazing I am so looking forward to it because wit Studio have

(33:41) done exceptional work with this April the 14th couldn't come any sooner so yeah gonna be gonna be great I have I've obviously not read any of the man any of the um like original material I have no idea what's gonna happen and I'm quite happy with that because everything about the season one surprised me in such a nice way can't wait to see what they do with season two same I'm so looking forward to it I yeah it's gonna be fun real fun um we've got um ancient Mages Bride season two which is up there showing as

(34:18) uh mahosuki no yomi yeah uh season one has been on um Crunchyroll for a very very long time um and it's it's great it's a it's a it's a lovely and very sweet magical love story I guess um it's it's very hard it's very hard to place in kind of what it actually is but I definitely recommend it um it's a very nice story um follows a lot of um Old English myth like or old UK myth so you've got like some like Scottish folklore Welsh folklore British folklore it's all it's very very well done

(35:05) so I'm just trying to figure out when the first series came out because no way 2017. what long while ago wow uh yeah watch I've always been curious about it but it's never pushed the top of my list if you know what I mean like it's because the animators I don't say that um April 6th is when this series starts um but yeah I I might give that a watch I I might squeeze the first season in somewhere because again try and give it a go um I think this is my my personal opinion is I think it might be a little bit slower

(35:55) than you'd enjoy but if you can push through it's very it's lovely to watch so I yeah I'm definitely intrigued it's always intrigued me uh um I'm skipping ahead let me go back anything else that jumps out to you um well obviously this is not one that I've kept up with but uh I it's got the following you and zero and got season two um maybe maybe I'll get like so my problem with like Eden's zero as a manga is because I because I've read blade blade um Rafe Master Rave Master that's it

(36:45) because I read Rave Master and then I've obviously read fairy tale which are both the same story with a different song well I started reading Eden zero which again is the same story with a different slap Queen um so I so I found I wasn't week over week I wasn't going back to it like when there was a good chapter maybe now that there's a lot of it I will go back and I'll start it again and maybe off the back of that I'll be more inclined to watch the anime um because I I do like it because I I love

(37:19) that I love like the whole sci-fi fantasy like um kind of genre so I would love to love it yeah I think this is the the crazy thing it's fairy tale in space exactly the same characters there's no two ways about it but I love love love this series I love it so much if no one agrees with me I don't care if it's like a weird one piece because everyone says fairy tales like a knock off one piece I don't care I like it I really like it well I love fairy tale that's right I loved fairytale I'm like

(38:04) I love Dragon Fantasy to be better um so it's gonna like and I I do I do like even zero I've just never been able to stick at it consistently so I you know for you I'm gonna do it for you I'm gonna start reading it again and then when I finish reading it I'll go watch it and here's the thing the Easter eggs that tie back to fairy tale where there's people in the background that look like certain characters from fairy tale I Mark out every time I Mark out every time I have not seen you this impassioned

(38:44) about a title for a while I can't explain it I know it's cheesy I know it's not like the best thing I've ever seen um but I really enjoy this and I really look forward I've watched it twice the the first season on Netflix and I I am really excited to to see where this story goes uh the 2nd of April is oh it's gonna be fun like literally next weekend like a little Happy Meal who who funnily enough plays Happy the Cat again uh I'm a sucker for a gimmick um we're clearly working I can't wait until

(39:34) their next series starts and it's fairy tale but it's set in a high school it's like the high school a High School drama sign me up sign me up I'll I'll buy that um I'm I'm always I mean I'm always tempted to read the the spin-offs of fairy tale um but ID rail I I shouldn't matter at the time uh anything else that sticks out to you on this a little list just scrolling down through my mind yeah keep on scrolling keep on scrolling there's a lot of isakai that I've already jumped up by

(40:19) the way and I don't know I don't recognize any of them they're so I do love isakai but there are so much used car around at the moment right now I don't want to start anymore just looking through this list out here yeah I feel like everything that I'm interested in has already we've already covered okay I know that um this amount she might have just been better for news rather than um spring because I don't believe it's coming out in Spring but I know that it's been announced that there's going

(40:52) to be a uh new series of horror Mia which is a Shoujo like high school anime okay yeah that's not on this list so um I think that's probably gonna be summer awesome [Music] um but you know I think the I I get the feeling that this could be one of those uh those um Seasons where among these there could be a lot of good but it might take it might take for others to watch and suggest before I pick them up because yeah I'm trying I'm trying so hard to um be better be be more diligent with my anime watching I believe

(41:36) um because I'm behind on a lot that I don't want to be behind on um so I would very much like to get back to where I was where I'm watching a lot of anime all the time because you know anime is fun I really enjoy it as an art form um I'd love to see more anime like Trigun stampede um very much enjoy and try a good Stampede at the moment so so yeah give it to me give it to me just before we wrap up there's um one or two I just want to mention first one is uh Witcher Mercury season two um I haven't finished season one

(42:20) but you have been enjoying it though haven't you I like what I've seen yeah uh it's just that annoyingly it came out at a time where there was so much good stuff coming out in the winter that meant that it kind of shuffled to the back uh because this was out at the same time as bleach chainsaw man blue lock like yeah that's a there's a lot to compete with yeah so uh spy family so there was a lot to to kind of get through um so yeah I really need to to finish that one and jump on season two

(42:56) I've got a better time April 9th is when it starts so cutting it close but I'm sure I could squeeze it in who needs to work hahaha um and what was the other one I saw earlier Psycho-Pass Providence I'm not a huge psycho fan psychopass fan um couldn't get into the first one I may revisit it at some point I think I'm in the same boat especially um I don't know if this story ever got onto the show but when we went to see the first Sword Art Online Progressive movie there was one other guy in the theater with us and he

(43:35) couldn't speak High Enough of psychopaths like he really really loves Psychopaths to use let's have this we should watch it um so for him for a single alone comrades in that theater that night I feel like I need to there's there's a lot of people who um Discover it on like I think it was on Netflix at one point here in the UK um but yeah I feel like a lot of people kind of stumbled on it and fell in love with it out of nowhere that dark like um gritty like sci-fi crime like just short of like cyberpunk guest

(44:17) isn't it it's kind of like it's kind of it's kind of like falling into that kind of Niche genre of like um I think Niche uh like Ghost in the Shell like you know crime in a future setting absolutely absolutely um I'm gonna finish Ultraman uh I've watched everything yes no like I'm never blown away by this Netflix series so I don't know why I put myself through it but I obviously want to love it I want to love it I think that's what it is uh because I love the art style of the

(44:57) manga so much so I will Prevail and watch it and the other thing this little Series Dead Mount death play gives me death Paradise vibes I might give it ah an episode or two does it have a a manga it does it does I might give the manga a look and um give you my opinion on that um uh it starts on April the 11th but yeah I just from the visual gives me death parade Vibes so kind of interest to see what that's like maybe one or two episodes don't know if I'll stick it out tell you what I have a question for you

(45:45) um please solely on the fact that you mentioned ultramanus now because I do I know you loved the whole Sentai kind of uh genre of uh yeah how do you feel and will you be watching Power Rangers once and always I will be watching it uh how are you feeling about it original Power Rangers cast yeah I I I no no no I'm not sure it's probably the easiest answer because it wasn't until I watched the trailer it gave me the idea that Zack is the leader of the team which I was like that's amazing I really love that idea

(46:38) because one of my favorite action figures which is kind of like a weird a weird thing is um is the black Ranger but with the Green Ranger shield the the chest Shield yeah um you can get that as an actual figure because there was that one episode where he needed the the armor to heal him so yeah but I I'm I'm looking forward to it I'm kind of interested to see what they'll do for Nostalgia is going to be it'll be great I don't think it'll be I don't think it will be forever red no no

(47:16) I don't think the forever red was a spectacle yeah um the same with the OG uh Power Rangers movie I I don't think it would reach that level but yeah it just looks like a really really good well-produced episode it'll be fun it'll be fun it'll be something it's gonna be something that's easy to put on on Netflix one day when you're tired from work yeah yeah just to switch your brain off and if it's amazing that'll be a wonderful surprise because I would love it if Sentai was like a bigger deal in

(47:50) the west because I I love like like I love it I don't watch it ever but the idea of it is just so good I loved Ranger reject I'm I'm really enjoying reading um no so I really I loved Samurai Flamenco yeah and I really I'm really enjoying range of reject as a manga um so you know I love I really do love the format of it I think it's super fun oh yeah I I love the law behind it as well like the the comic book series has done amazing stuff I love um all different variations like there's a bootleg version uh I don't know if

(48:30) you've seen that before a bootleg uh Power Rangers which was produced by I think his name's Ave something another I can't remember the top of my head but it's it's an amazing live action trailer um and then there's the original uh Power Rangers the the Sentai version as you mentioned where the Green Ranger and the Red Ranger are brothers uh yeah super that was that was super sentai's I think so but um yeah I love all shapes and forms of it it's really fun it's so fun because it doesn't take itself

(49:06) seriously at all which is what's so great about it it's so so cheesy but it's so good it's like it's like every every like little kids like hero fantasy like played out with no shame at all no no some of the designs are just amazing like the original Green Rangers saber so beautiful you mean the say the saber that is also no that's I'm thinking about the White Ranger the dagger no dagger yeah yeah you're on the right lines but he also had a longer sword but it was like a wave uh sort of shape with

(49:43) a red sort of tassel beautiful design sort anyways I'm probably tangible like this is a big tangent like I just I was just I was just interested how you said or talked about Ultraman like in weather or not like uh you uh had any thoughts about yeah new episode of Power Rangers that will be coming out [Laughter] no I don't mind the the digression over here uh I love a good Mech series me anything that sprinkles a bit of Mech I'm involved I guess that's the episode let me just make sure there's nothing

(50:24) else that we're supposed to be talking about yeah I think think here we got it for everything beautiful uh let us know what your thoughts are um let us know in the comments down below we want to know what are you watching this season are you still watching anything from last season if so let us know get in touch honestly honestly if there's anything if you're watching and are watching and you were looking at that lists at that page as we were looking at it if there's anything on there that we didn't touch on that

(51:00) you think that you're excited about that you think is worth us checking out please let us know because I I love finding new stuff even if I've never got the time to watch it foreign absolutely um all the relevant links will be in description below so if you want to check us out on our social media feel free to check out the descriptions uh as always thank you to surfsharkvpn for sponsoring this episode I am going to have to use it to get around to watching Hunter Hunter because I started that out of the blue and I haven't picked it you

(51:34) need to stick on that otherwise you'll never get back to it you'll have to start again if you leave it too long yeah I know I know so um yeah I need to get back to that but otherwise thanks for listening thanks for watching and we'll no doubt I'll catch you on the next one peace peace

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