Every Anime We Watched in Spring 2023

Every Anime We Watched in Spring 2022

Welcome to the bi-weekly podcast, Undisputed Anime, where hosts Zane and Tsutsudae discuss news, reviews, and discussions on their favorite anime and manga series. In this episode, they discuss the anime and manga series they've been watching and reading in Spring 2022.

Zane and Tsutsudae share their thoughts on various anime series, including their favorite characters, plot developments, and overall impressions. They also talk about their current reading and gaming habits, including Tsutsudae's recent reinstallation of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

They also mention Hideo Kojima's new studio and how Zane is currently stream Zone of the Enders Mecha series on Twitch.

Zane discusses his thoughts on the anime film Suzume, comparing it to the style of Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle and praising its storytelling and characters.

The hosts conclude their episode by discussing their thoughts on the anime series Demon Slayer and its ability to make viewers care about the characters. They also share their thoughts on the Swordsmith arc and other plot developments.

Overall, Zane and Tsutsudae offer an insightful and entertaining look at the anime and manga series they've been watching and reading in Spring 2022.

Every Anime We Watched in Spring 2022 | Undisputed Anime Podcast 


(00:00) very clearly see that it was always the intent that this be shown in the cinema Blown Away by the goal of this series he is like the the purest like Shonen protagonist that has ever changes welcome to a brand new episode of Undisputed anime this is the bi-weekly podcast where we like to give you news reviews and discussions on some of your favorite anime and manga series I'm your host Zayn taicho your captain of anime recommendations and as always I'm joined by the man of 100 manga Mr sisuday how are you

(00:40) very well as you can see fresh cut nice yeah ready ready for the weekend that is undoubtedly going to go way too quickly oh man how you got much going on like uh reading or gaming wise or or anything anything at all the time as I mentioned prior to the show and don't tell our friends Ray um I I reinstalls Kingdom Hearts find them to Final Mix um to uh finish my uh trophy collecting that I started last year instead of starting Nia in Earnest um a game that I was lents probably about a year ago and then still

(01:36) haven't probably had actually played properly um other than that just uh you know I got I got adult stuff yeah I know I do have DND tonight that's pretty cool yeah so I'm gonna go and play Make Believe for six hours I don't know if you follow hideo kojimo on Instagram but he had like a stack of d d stuff the other day so I do follow him but I've been over the last week I just went I'm taking a step back from social media I'm just gonna I'm gonna just not go on social media for a week or two just see

(02:19) how I feel after that because like a lot of people these days I'm finding that every time I go onto social media I'm getting swept away in a lot of like negativity in the fandoms that I'm a part of uh specifically like gaming fandoms where gamers are just never happy with the games that are coming out so I was like a step away and just not for a bit so I didn't see it but I do follow him yeah um no that's fair that's fair but on the subject of hideo kojina uh a beautiful segue why not check out

(02:55) twitch.tv where I am currently going through zone of the Embers a classic hideo Kojima Mech series [Music] give me Zona the end if honestly I would drop everything I'm doing in my life right now if they would have just if suddenly they were to drop a zone of the industry announcement oh on the third one well the thing is like a third one was there was meant to be a third one apparently really yeah apparently there was like there was talks about a third one happening and it just has never manifested it's obviously even less

(03:38) likely to manifest now yeah um but honestly I like the it was only the end is two finished like it didn't it didn't really leave any Loose Ends it was like a pretty like great finish to the story started in one but yeah I I you know I would love I just you know there's just something about the zone of the end there's like World building that was just so good yeah yeah I all the designs and everything are just gorgeous um oh yeah I really jehoti and Anubis Max are just beautiful beautiful um I I really hope he kind of does

(04:17) something with his new studio like I know he's like obviously super involved with death stranded but I kind of hope he goes back into that Mech series because I know it's not you know compared to metal gear it's it doesn't oh it doesn't really hold a candle against it but it's it's still a fun series it's still a great series of games um yeah absolutely I mean and to be fair to be fair like I I see it more realistic that he go into go back into uh like kind of a Mac style sort of uh game or story rather than a

(04:52) metal gear sort of one I think that um they they really burnt some bridges um within I don't think that he would do anything that would prob which would lead people back to it at this point yeah yeah not that he's not to say that he's spiteful and he would do that I don't know um if it was me I certainly wouldn't want to like try and make like the something to replace Metal Gear knowing that it might actually destroy people back to melkia yeah yeah I mean he always drops little subtle subtle hints

(05:25) doesn't he uh on his social medias about Metal Gear Solid and stuff um so yeah I'd like to thank the sponsor of today's video surfsharkvpn who have given me now get this 83 percent off plus three months free so if you've been meaning to pick up a VPN that might be the time surfshark is a trusted VPN to help you protect your privacy online whether that's protecting yourself from malicious websites or if you're in a public Wi-Fi connection you can keep your information locked down surf shark's clean web feature blocks

(06:03) ads trackers malware and phishing attempts allowing you to surf the web safely plus it lets you change your virtual location so if there's an anime on Netflix that's not available in your country but say in Japan guess what you're in Japan now you want to use BBC iPlayer to watch all of Doctor Who so pick up surfshark using the link in the description down below and use the code Undisputed anime and you'll get 83 percent off and three months free check it out um anyways before we derail anymore

(06:42) um today's episode we are going to kind of give you a mini update on the anime series that came out this season I thought so far and it's a spin about what three or four weeks with some of these with some of these series since they started so we thought we'd give like a mini update to see what we're still watching what we've dropped and things of that nature before we do that I thought it'd be good to just do a mini review of um Sesame uh the movie that came out you got to see us I got to see it last

(07:19) weekend uh fantastic really really good movie I was blown away um buy it it might sound like that might not give it as as much as I would like to much Credence I guess is what I'm looking for uh in terms of how much I enjoyed it but it is visually stunning the score is incredible uh I think it's a combination work by which Studios and cloverworks as well both came up in the credits uh which in my mind I was like no wonder they've kind of cracked the code on that Ghibli Style with uh ranking of Kings because there's a

(08:07) character in this that looks almost identical to Hal from hell's Moving Castle and apparently there's a Miyazaki reference in the movie as well it's like a little Easter egg so yeah it feels like ah wow it I think I said to you in the in the other guys this to me was like on par with house moving castle like in terms of Storytelling and just The Ore of it is just I know I don't say that like lightly as well I know that that's that's not a claim that you would likely make yeah so yeah um and I I don't typically do well with

(08:49) like romance movies neither uh we joked about this but like enough giant robots not enough punching and screaming yeah like to me your name isn't as fantastic as some people make out like make it to be and that's fine like everyone's got their own particular tastes in movies and stuff and I can live with that but you know as someone who doesn't enjoy your name but appreciates like you know how well receptive it is for other people and again the visuals of it to me this is exceptionally good just ah just

(09:28) fantastic I I don't want to say too much because spoilers but yeah I was mesmerized by how good this story was well I'd love to I'd love to come back like Circle back around to this in the future once I've seen it um because I would also like like love to have a detailed discussion about it uh yeah but uh I'm going to take your job here um and turn this back around on you um in your honest opinion Zane was this movie disputed or Undisputed 100 Undisputed 100 100 fantastic you heard it here folks

(10:08) a chance to watch it watch it give us your uh give us your thoughts at the comments absolutely and um I saw it dubbed as well which annoyed me a little bit because we booked it me and some other friends we put it to see it subbed and for some reason it was the dub showing so I'm not quite sure what happened it was too late now it's too late they won't be able to tell the difference [Laughter] either way it was a great experience the person over the projector room like dubbed Subs like what they don't even

(10:42) know what that means yeah it's only a handful of people who's gonna but yeah um Nobody's Gonna Know [Laughter] ah there we go um super do you want to kick things off with uh what you've been watching recently absolutely uh so so to start with uh I mean we've we talk about this pretty regularly but Demon Slayer series has just started um finally got to see an episode that I hadn't already seen which is which is great um I was like I I literally looked my wife dead in the eye and I said listen if you don't want

(11:28) to watch this right now I'm gonna start I'm gonna have to start watching them without you because I'm on a podcast who needs to talk about this [Laughter] so we were so we watched it and uh you know episode uh episode one and two are now out um second episode was exceptional um have you seen are you up to date on demons I am yeah yeah I'm up to date I think I think that what I'm really enjoying about it is Demon Slayer is something that I've read until its end so I know what happens but because it's

(12:04) been so long and they've like spaced out these theories so well I've completely forgotten about how the swordsmith arc goes oh okay yeah so it's really it's really cool to watch it again because I'm like oh my goodness this is like really cool I'm like seeing it like I've seen it for the first time um and it's so good to see some of this stuff like animated like I think that you know it's it's happening a lot more these days but so after so often the past it would be like every once in a

(12:34) blue moon you'd see an anime adapt something that happened in the manga and you're like this is incredible like this you took what was already amazing in those frames and made it looking credible and we're getting so much more of that with uh Demon's Lair at the moment um and other enemies as well what are you thinking about yeah I I agree really I I I have to admit after seeing the movie version I was like I'm not gonna really re-watch the first episode because yes it was a month ago but it was all set up

(13:14) and that's still kind of fresh in my mind I don't think I need to sit through what felt like well I think it's run time is like 50 minutes 40 minutes I was like I don't think I need 45 minutes is yeah and that includes some lengthy credits in it as well yeah um I was like I don't think I need to sit through this unless I need to see that hot tub scene again like um I'm fine um so I jumped in from the second episode uh and yeah like you said it was cool um what surprises me most about Demon

(13:49) Slayer uh even into this third season is how much it can provoke a love of the characters like straight off the back I it has this formula where it makes you care about the most sort of like my new character so it introduces you to uh kotetsu this boy who's uh in the swordsmith village uh he has this whole dream of recreating the old picks and the doll the mechanical doll with six arms and I was like oh my God like why am I caring so much about this character that's probably I'm not gonna see for a you

(14:28) know after episode five it'll probably go in another Direction but it does this incredible job of making you care about any character in every character introduced to you see I know I think I know what it is that does that and um the reason that you end up caring so much about every single character is because of Time Zero yeah because Time Zero is like the goodest boy like he is like he is like the the purest like Shonen protagonist that has ever ages yeah um and he genuinely cares about everyone he meets like even the enemies yeah like

(15:09) in in the previous in the um the Entertainment District Arc you get towards the end and you you find yourself like actually caring about um dabby and uh her brother like you're like these they had a real bad run until Jiro sees that because he sees what he could have been he sympathizes with them so much doesn't he it's the empathy that just like yeah and his empathy is like really contagious and it makes you really care right off the bat about the people that you're uh seeing for the first time

(15:42) um it's it's honestly um great just a just a spiral back around to the first episode which we obviously saw uh um I will say that having rewatched it because I needed to watch it again because my wife hadn't been there in the theater with us yeah um it you can see you can very clearly see that it was always the intent that this be shown in the cinema uh okay yeah when you when you watch the First episodes like the the animation is great in the second episode is always great in Demon's Lair but there is so

(16:16) much that happens in the first episode of this season which is very it looks it didn't look bad on a smaller screen but it it was so Grand such a set piece like that first yeah in the um Infinity Castle is 100 that was made the way it was because they were like this is gonna be shown on in the theater it's so great it's so Grand and so well animated compared to the rest of the episode which is well animated but it's like take it up to like 150.

(16:52) this is it isn't it I I saw someone on Tick Tock uh you know explained that that whole sequence is just one panel in in the chapter of the manga yeah was literally incredible to watch like it's it I wouldn't have even cared if that was a normal normal length episode just out of the Season yeah exactly like if half of it ended up [Laughter] yeah Demon Slayer season three shaping out to be really good right now um probably not to fall behind on that hoping to watch it all the way through and not have any breaks

(17:31) um hahaha absolutely what else are you watching uh I so I'm going to choose some uh slightly like Off the Wall ones because I so which one do I choose first I'm gonna choose uh I'm gonna talk about this one actually because I watched it this morning and I was just Blown Away by the goal of this series uh so I watched the goal of it I watched this uh show this morning called Dead Mount death play uh I think we touched on it last time we we spoke like it could be a sleeper hit sort of thing and the reason

(18:24) the thing that blows me away about this the first episode of this is fantastic the animation is just it's just eight minutes of action like eight nine minutes of just like Crazy Action in a fantasy world and based what happens is right there is this giant skeleton Shinigami death God thing whatever uh that's attacking these troops these nights and basically the the hero Knight turns up he's called the Calamity Crusher because he's just him right so he turns up and um he goes toe-to-toe with this thing and it's kind of like

(19:08) again eight minutes of just like magic or magic uh the Shinigami pulls together bones and creates a a nasty dragon and he instantly takes it down and they have like they have a monologue against each other during the fight that you know uh the night the crew uh the Calamity Crusher he can he has what they call evil eyes so he can see the spirits and souls uh that surround the shimagami and the shimmy gum is kind of like a necromancer so it uses that to fuel its magic and then basically uh he uh this shimagami tells him he's like

(19:51) you're no better than me you you kill you murder you know monsters and people bad people and everything else uh the night is like I'm no monster compared to Yugi slay uh because you see it as as a game and everything else so anyway worse than me so anyway uh the final attack shimigami has a massive beam of energy going into the sky all the night struck to their knees they're like oh my God what is this it puts up this huge spell that the knights like I've never seen a spell like this they Clash

(20:32) everything explodes and basically yeah person wakes up in modern Tokyo [Laughter] Kai baby [Laughter] [Applause] I do it you could you got me you got me he was like oh no I [Music] was like I was like where's this going there's 10 minutes left of this episode like holy like whoa anyways yeah there's 10 minutes left it's reverse his car he's in modern Tokyo um he 'll kill you the thing is with this though he wakes up and it's a body that had perished like someone had taken the life of this body because walking around with a cut

(21:30) on his neck and um and basically people notice that he's walking around um they try to attack they take him to an area and they try to attack him again at the same time he's kind of like where am I the the words and symbols look different blah blah blah blah blah um they try to attack him he's like there's no magic in the air I don't know what's going on uh and then this person tells him look where we're fighting right now people avoid this area because the Yakuza used to use it uh so there's loads of like ghosts and

(22:05) things around here and he's like wait a minute I can see them because I've got evil lies and you're like okay um and then the next thing you know he uses a magic spell but it's a skeleton hand and you're like oh my God it's it's the Necromancer The Necromancer had isakai not the hero so it's a reverse reverse it's a reverse on a reverse and it's like call me Uno because my God like and um yeah I was like what first episode twice before I knew it had seen I have seen um a clip on tick tock

(22:53) um which I'm guessing was this anime so and it did look like a super cool um I got more context for it now because I was like oh what's this what's this now like now I've got a bit more context but I might actually watch it myself it looks like he's got a manga as well and I do love binge reading manga so let's write that down add it to your list because um wow like if the action like the action I saw in that first 10 minutes is like this for the rest of the season I'm sold like this this is fantastic

(23:29) um but yeah to to do a bait and switch and I fell for it as a seasonal that they got him they punked me yeah and it's ongoing okay I'm down with this but there's not been an update since July of last year oh so do I am I ready to set myself up for her [Laughter] we'll see I'll uh I'll chat back in with you late next week probably okay okay let you know how that's going so my uh my even actually I've been watching um I believe you've also been watching this Marshall yes yes sir absolutely hilarious

(24:23) um I knew it would be I I've got I'm a big fan of national the national manga and I think that the animes released a really good time because it really feels like the manga is at it's like kind of closing it's like it's yeah it's like Pinnacle moment for the story so uh it's just just as hilarious as you'd imagine I I honestly love everything that it does to like kind of turn this whole school like person who didn't go to a school of magic now goes to a school of magic thing on its head

(24:58) um especially because this is someone who has no magic whatsoever and they just gain the system the entire time through sheer physical willpower absolutely yeah it's um it's it really is the combination of Imagine One Punch man in the Harry Potter Universe like is is probably the easiest way to to explain it um yeah I've really enjoyed it it's a true sort of gag it feels like a gag manga at the moment work anime just off the first three episodes um because they're I don't think there's

(25:36) anything so far that's kind of pushed the The Narrative if you know what I mean like yeah I think it is it's very much in the same vein as one punch man or not psycho 100 in that it's very light-hearted most of the time yeah and then you'll have these like every see every like Arc you have these like kind of moments where it's like literally amps it up to like 150 and all of a sudden it's a battle like manga yeah and that it'll like go back into being very light-hearted again that's what I'm looking forward to

(26:13) because I know at the moment it's just kind of like every other episode's just been kind of play off the laughs but I'm really looking forward to when it's like super you know animated like fight sequences um yeah that's what I'm really looking forward to you know to see what Mash is like you know pushed to his limit sort of thing even though at the moment it's just like learn to fly on a broom and he's like I can't fly so he throws the broom and then jumps on it like just give the

(26:44) illusion that he's played it's brilliant but it's kind of he has a very he has a very um All mightness About Him yeah it's like his whole even though he doesn't say it in this exact way it's kind of like every time you encounter something that everyone's like you can't get past this because you don't have magic he's like then I'm just gonna have to go beyond smash with my fists so yeah I don't have a ton to say about it it's so it's only like um what two

(27:18) episodes in it might be a third episode out now yeah um super fun I definitely recommend checking out if you're looking for something a little bit lighter hmm yeah I yeah really fun I like the color palette on this a lot it's very vibrant um I'm surprised they really kept to the art style as well I thought they may adjust it for the anime but it seems pretty faithful so far so um yeah it's it's been fun so far more than anything um excellent excellent excellent so um so another thing I've been watching

(27:58) um again this one has what can I say about this one the this word okay you can't even get there guys I'm worried I'm playing I'm struggling to find the words so this series that I've watched which um it has a super long title uh let me see if I can find the translated version okay so the translated version is I got a cheat skill in another world and became unrivaled in the real world too uh so this is an isakai the title kind of gives that way uh very easy kind of title the the premise is and I I don't know if

(28:56) this is kind of but I'm getting ahead of myself so the premise of this is that the main character is this kind of like overweight uh guy who's just like had no luck on friends and family because of his appearance um and this has kind of left him he he has no faith or competence in himself sort of thing uh he his grandfather sadly passed away who was like his only friend um and he inherited his grandfather's house and stuff and it's left him uh to kind of fend for himself like he has part-time job and

(29:38) all this other stuff and he gets bullied at school you know beaten up it's really sad and the one time his grandfather instilled these like morals that you know you should always do good and you know never waver and stuff so this one time he sees this girl getting like uh harassed by these thugs this one time he tries to you know step up he gets mercilely beaten up and he just kind of like goes home and cries and and all this stuff it's really really pulls in your heartstrings um the crazy thing about this is like

(30:13) because of his appearance and stuff he he hates his world that he's in and he ends up smashing mirrors and and all this other things and basically he then discovers because he's punching walls because you know lashing out he discovers this fake war in his grandfather's house and then he goes through it and it's kind of like this weird sort of study slash Trophy Room whatever you want to call it and in that room there's another door that has like an in crazy you know uh residual on it or whatever he goes through

(30:51) and it's a cabin in the woods and in that cabin it's it has there's a letter on the table and it's like hey if you find this house you earn everything in the house from this age and he's like well I guess I I guess I live here now so anyway he starts like just he starts going through it and it's like this incredible like op sword of course all these pop-up menus come up and he then you know he learns he's in an isakai so then what what's crazy about this is sure he's kind of

(31:22) stumbled in the world and you know it's kind of like the most simplest way possible but then he spends like his whole summer just like learning bit by bit about this world so he learns that there's plants there so he carries on growing the plants he learns there's all these super weapons he learns that um the if Beyond defense of the actual little cabin it there's like a protective spell suit like no ogres or goblins can get in so what he starts to do is kind of use the weapons to kill the goblins from the other side of the

(31:56) fence um like just clumsily like he'll throw Spear and it will just like destroy this like ogre for no good reason because the weapons obviously so op um because the sage that owned it doesn't take two minutes to figure out who the stage was but to him he's like I wonder who this stage is this age has such amazing weapons um but the the funny thing about it is like he he does all of this and he could convert it into real money so like all the jewels he picks up from these monsters he kills it can be then

(32:33) converted into real real Yen and then he could bring it back into the world so bro spends the whole summer doing this and then he has like an overnight transformation and when I say overnight I'm talking like Toby Maguire Spider-Man 1 on a cellular level transformation uh he he and he gets given like I call it like an avatar body you know what I mean like when you go into an MMO you have like this insane body with an insane look but he doesn't realize like that his body has changed so much so when he goes back to school everyone's

(33:10) like who's this guy this guy must be a model or something like who is He Who Is He And then he's like no it's it's me the the fat kid like it's it's amazing because like he still thinks in his mind he he still doesn't know like how good he is but because of the amount of time he spends in this fantasy world everything about him is just like exceptional and like because of and of course things change in the real world for him so you say it starts going to a better school and stuff like that but it's not because

(33:45) of his now amazing good looks or his incredible bod it's just because as a person he's always been great and it's such a nice message if you know what I mean sounds like a like a lovely Pro like so when you when you initially isakide me I was like I literally said on the last episode that I'm kind of feather but you know you've made me feel something today I'm actually intrigued I might give this a go um let me give this a go I I've I really enjoyed first three episodes because yeah it's

(34:28) to me this is probably like a jobless reincarnation level of isakai like that show was just again from its animation to its storytelling was exceptional with this the style of it is is gorgeous like the detail on the eye on the eyes especially it's just incredible um but it's it's the confidence of of the hero it's not like he's in the Ace car and then he kind of switches personality a bit like the slime out of the anime you know what I mean like he kind of forget that he was the 30 year old guy

(35:04) you in your mind you just like where he's always been this like plucky I don't know 16 year old um but yeah in this it's kind of he still has his own like inner doubts and stuff because he still thinks of himself as this grotesque big person not this god-given model slash hero um yeah that everyone sees him as so yeah it's really amazing it's really amazing without a go uh sound off in the comments if you've ever watched it and his armor is sweet as hell so that might be just that might just make it

(35:51) all the more worth it uh to watch absolutely absolutely so like should I move on to my my other one I've only been watching one other relevant anime at the time um I think you know what it is yeah talk to me buddy boy hell's Paradise guys hell's Paradise is finally here and we're three episodes in and it is not disappointing at all is beautifully animated very accurate very very close to the manga um I think that I only had one thing in the most recent episode where I was like um and that was because one of the

(36:33) executioners eyes were a bit too far apart for my liking yeah yeah I was like um that looks like it might have been a rush job on that one particular character but everything else everything else was played so yeah I don't remember it had you have you read any of the manga I think I read the first chapter or the first volume um because I got it in physical uh yeah but that was like a good year or two ago now um yeah but I love this art style and I love the the use of flowers and insects in this uh and stuff my my wife watched the

(37:22) third episode with me watched the first two so I had to kind of tell her what had happened previously um and she was like this this is just weird like this is just weird no matter which way you look at it obviously the context I guess it's things like the insects with human faces and you know the fish man that he kind of ends on um but I just love what really surprises me with this is the for a Shonen the character depth like this is a character who had previously been completely emotionless and he's dealing with emotions but in the worst

(38:05) possible situation like yeah only slow you down and you you can you shouldn't have them to be able to do what you do um and he's like and then they wife him and he's now in this horrible situation where he's being punished by the fact that he loves his wife this is it this is it and he loves he loves her so much that he's willing to literally do anything to reunite with her which again which is a crazy concept for uh Shonen um considering that audience gets a little bit of romance but it's a

(38:55) cyclop to the action and everything else so to have the main character it's a tree is that he loves his wife so it's I think it's like again the the amount of layers to it I think it's just exceptional and um I I love it already I'm so looking forward to more of it because it's gonna get so crazy man yeah and the direction of it as well oh yeah I different aspects of it as well like introducing not only ninjas but Samurai in the third episode that he fights like a criminal Monk and it's just kind of

(39:35) like oh man this is like every flavor topping I ever wanted in like one Sunday it's just amazing yeah it's it's just it's it's very good obviously we've we've expressed in the past that we're we know you know we love the darker Shonen um so to be able to you know see it done so well in anime is incredible um really really fun um like you said that the the kind of like the color palette and like the like tones like the pat like the flowers everywhere and the vibrant like abundance of like nature is like really

(40:14) used in a really cool way to kind of you know it really makes you feel uncomfortable and I think that in the third episode of Gabby Maru comments on it she's like that that his execution is like we this is incredible and he's like this is creepy because none of this should be here there's no reason for any of this to be here absolutely really looking forward to see where it goes especially knowing exactly like if you if you watch it right now and you're like this is weird this is makes no sense

(40:48) it's gonna get weirder for sure yeah out of I know it's probably a little premature to say um because we're only three episodes in but out of the the dark Trio on an anime level what's your sort of ranking at the moment hmm I don't really think I can I it's I I know that this is a podcast that is famously known for ranking things and make it on occasion but I don't know that I can really rank them against one another because they've all kind of got their own like things that they do extremely well

(41:29) yeah um so I kind of I'm reticent to do so especially at the moment maybe maybe give me give me a couple more months and I'll have a different opinion but right now right now I think uh they're all pretty level but I'm just looking forward to seeing more good anime like this 100 100 I'm with you there um talking of good anime I'm gonna this probably gonna be my last one to kind of shout about um because I am I am him uh Eden zero second season ladies and gentlemen [Laughter] if you didn't think I wasn't going to

(42:21) bring this up you obviously haven't been listening to this podcast long enough uh uh in Zero season two I think it's two episodes in maybe three I I watched them like back to back so forgive me it all blurred into one it blurred into one who I was just glad to be part of the ride um brilliant unapologetically just jumped straight into it it it what surprises me I'm like let's Buckle in it gives you a recap in like two minutes of a full season and half of it I was like have I seen this all of this and then if this

(43:03) happened or was that fairy tale yeah and then it showed something else and I was like no I definitely saw that bit so I I know I yes yes but then it made me think as well because this the first season was on Netflix and then they split into two parts and then I think it was like it must have been a good six to eight months between part one and part two so when I come to the second season I'm like hey I'm sure I can remember bits because of Netflix's bloody release schedule so but and just give it us all at once

(43:40) Netflix you you've set up this culture of You release a full season of something and everyone watches that full season in a single day you can't then suddenly go I'm gonna release part of the season and then make you wait hmm yeah yeah it's um it's It's Tricky yeah second season just kind of jumps straight into things uh it's they're being followed by another ship uh which is draken um and uh yeah they doesn't even show you the sequence where they they go from their ship to the other ship they're

(44:21) just there they're just like both we're here we need to find dragon beat him uh draken's got people on their ship uh and fight just jumps just happens right into it straight into it don't even worry about it mate just good old space traveling fun you're here to see Space Magic fights here you go kid eat it up it's like they do exactly it's like they made this for you [Music] is there this is just you know he's there punching and shouting and giant robots uh there hasn't been a giant robot yet

(45:04) um and then a little robot because I recall there being a little robots they're they're robots there are little robots yeah there's uh uh female robots uh that have new battle armor uh there is happy is there Happy the Cat as always fantastic there's also a gun there's a June sequence of things that me come to fruition a dark future uh which is interesting so keep keep watching guys ah but yeah loads of fun loads of costume changes and um one thing I found really weird is um one character his power it's

(45:49) he turns into like a Power Ranger are we talking about the this the universe is Gray yes he's like kind of got like a the pat he's got like the power to kind of like control technology yeah and like he can use it to like armor himself and make weapons can you so I'm just trying to get yeah I'm trying to go off why I remember from the manga yeah yeah and he does like he does like uh he does like um Power Ranger up yeah uh is it and I believe that there's a whole part where he's like I'm not gonna help you and

(46:26) then he keeps appearing as fully um and like disguised as like this mystery figure is that something that happens or am I imagining that uh I do think it happens yet he he joins the gang because he has a message from his future self who's like a 50 year old man who in the current time because this person's from the past yes they go to like the the time the planet that's caught in like the time stop don't they that's right yeah um so yeah it that's hilarious but his his disguise that he always likes to

(47:05) transform into is like a flip like super sexy woman which is like questionable but he's just gonna like look at me I'm a super sexy woman but like that's my answer yeah [Laughter] um this is hilarious Lads um so yeah that's always fun but yeah it's um what can I say it's the Happy Meal of um of the Season literally yeah you even get a toy if you're lucky uh so yeah Eden Zero season two uh if you just want something fun to watch with good animation uh and don't need to use any brain power this

(47:51) is the one there we go uh is that the episode I'd say so the only other anime that I'm watching is completely uh flashback because I I was like there's a new season of ancient Mages Pride come out but there is speech of Mages Bride season one in a long time so let's restart that so I've started re-watching the ancient meters bride what can I say it's beautiful the animated it's a very sweet story very interesting World building we won't go much too much into it that's not that's not what I'm about

(48:28) today it is something that I am re-watching at the moment and I'm enjoying seeing again so that's cool yeah I need to yeah I need to do the same really because I don't think I finished the first season uh it's very it's it's a lot if you're used to watching like higher octane stuff it's no fast and no faster than the Furious it's it's very a very slow burn but it's nice you know if you've got like if you want something on in the background yeah do something crafty or something you

(49:02) know you do have to pay attention but you know should be careful everything really shouldn't you so yeah there's a level of that um talking of paying attention there is a new series that's like the highest rate thing currently going called uh oshinoku or co uh it's like this pop star uh series its first episode was 19 minutes long and people are saying and again going on you know these sites like uh my anime list and uh this one Annie list it's the sixth highest rated of all time um so it's it's being taught a lot about

(49:46) um but I haven't got around to watching it yet because 90 minutes for a first episode is a it's a tall order it's rough that's that's a short Marvel movie it's very true this is very true so yeah maybe we can give that a discussion in the future then um maybe next time maybe next time um but yeah let us know what you guys are watching uh what you what are your standouts of the season so far have we missed anything let us know use the comments down below of course follow us on all the social media uh check out

(50:19) links will be in the description down below join me on twitch.tv forward slash Zayn taicho um I'll be carry on planes only the Enders and probably talking more about anime news and things that I'm watching uh Sushi day anything more to add enjoy your weekend enjoy the weekend so by the time this episode goes out I don't think it'll be the weekend anymore so don't enjoy the weekend have a good week drink plenty of water it's getting you know it's spring spring is finally here the sun's coming

(50:52) out get outside absorb some of those like delicious sun rays um don't go to part of me for saying this guys but go touch grass [Laughter] Pearl's wisdom as always Pearls of wisdoms always uh thanks for listening thanks for watching and we will no doubt catch you in a fortnight see you soon ciao

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