Best JRPGs For Beginners

Best JRPGs For Beginners

Are you new to Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs)? If so, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of titles available, making it difficult to choose where to start. In this week's episode, we've compiled a list of the top JRPGs that are perfect for beginners.

These games are just a few of the many JRPGs available for beginners. We hope that this list will help you find a game that you'll enjoy and will serve as an excellent introduction to the world of Japanese role-playing games. Happy gaming!

Best JRPGs For Beginners 


(00:00) welcome to a brand new episode of Undisputed anime this is the podcast where we like to give you recommendations of not only new series maybe sometimes old series as well as manga manoir and today we're going to touch on video games so buckle in I'm your host Zayn taicho your captain of recommendations and as always I'm joined by the man of a hundred manga and Manoa sisu day how are you I am Sans ring light right now and I really feel like I'd benefit from having wrinkly right now the lighting in this room is not ideal

(00:41) it's very sunny outside those aren't blackout lights so I feel like the lighting of my screen is not great right now Oh Me Oh saying that I am I got I did my first ever it's gonna sound crazy uh Tick Tock shop purchase it's one of those deals that just sounded too good to be true and probably is but I am I purchased two softbox light thingies um for like about 12 quid um so I'm kind of yeah I'm kind of excited but also I'm kind of trying to lower my expectations is it like ordering off

(01:28) dare I say I'm getting that Vibe you know because they're originally priced at like 40 pounds but use like all these different vouchers and it drops it down to about 12 quid they were Aiming High when they they they're trying to make you feel like it was worth more money than it actually was from my own research I've seen on Amazon like they are kind of that sort of ballpark figure just for one so it's one again it's that thing of like you're getting such a great deal why would you

(01:57) miss out sort of you know what I mean that's how the algorithm gets you they know what you need yeah this is it so I'll ever talk around your computer those cookies will get you I'll let you know um how they they work out and please do I might have to invest [Laughter] oh um how are you by the way like uh you know it's Easter is Easter weekend and I know the um after some conversations with some of my uh dear American friends uh that they do not get all the the slew of time off that we get in the UK

(02:35) so yeah that my my American friends didn't get uh didn't get Friday off they don't get today off oh man they just have Sunday and Sunday's already a Sunday so that's uh that's a shame I'm yeah but you know chocolate my daughter's away so stress-free [Laughter] she's in Scotland oh I've had um a lot of afternoon teas uh it's a very British thing to do like love and afternoon tea well I mean you know me I'm 100 tea 100 of the time um yeah so it's like Friday had

(03:18) afternoon tea uh with some scones and jam cream uh so that was nice uh I saw the Mario movie yesterday I hear that it is exceeded all expectation I hear that it's one of those films where everyone's been like every video game adaptation has been garbage and now Mario comes out and they're like okay okay it's it can be done it can be done it really can the the level of attention and love give in to this you can feel the the passion in in this uh film because like every little thing has an Easter egg from the original Mario voice

(04:07) actor having cameos in the movie to spoiler warning Luigi's ringtone is the GameCube like that's his ringtone um which is fantastic incredible I love it and I mean to be honest like my favorite um choice in cast member is by far I've not seen it yet but seeing the way that Jack Black has taken ownership of Bowser in every single facet of his life has been pretty magical to see hmm like that that that man that man has really I really understood the assignment when it comes to and and he's very Jack Black

(04:55) the the kind of performance if you know what I mean like yeah you know say what you will about School of Rock and uh pick a destiny like if you love that type of jet black then expect it here because it works so well it just works really well for him and um how is Chris uh Chris as uh as Mario because I think that one of the biggest skepticisms a lot of people have is the fact that they cast as Mario and a lot of people like he's not even Italian so is he going to be doing is he going to be doing the very stereotypical Mario

(05:35) voice yeah so again this is kind of spoilers they kind of make a pun out of it because you may have seen the um Super Mario Brothers Plumbing uh advert that's yeah on YouTube and stuff and in the advert he puts on the accent but when he's uh you know everyday Mario he doesn't have the accent so he like hands it up for this the brands it's all about the brand yeah so the whole reason and their family mocks them for having you know plumbers with white gloves and you know colored uh overalls and stuff and they're like it's about

(06:16) brand awareness like we're trying to yeah we're trying to run a business here yeah because uh it does seem like it's worth seeing everyone I've spoken to about yeah has really enjoyed it so it's really fun it's really really fun um yeah the action's great it's it's definitely worthwhile I'd like to thank the sponsor of today's video surfsharkvpn who have given me now get this 83 off plus three months free so if you've been meaning to pick up a VPN that might be the time surfshark is a

(06:54) trusted VPN to help you protect your privacy online whether that's protecting yourself from malicious websites or if you're in a public Wi-Fi connection you can keep your information locked down surfshark's clean web feature blocks ads trackers malware and phishing attempts allowing you to surf the web safely plus it lets you change your virtual location so if there's an anime on Netflix that's not available in your country but say in Japan guess what you're in Japan now you want to use

(07:28) BBC iPlayer to watch all of Doctor Who so pick up surfshark using the link in the description down below and use the code Undisputed anime and you'll get 83 percent off and three months free check it out I guess should we get into some anime talk yeah anime talk yeah set the pace bid me yes give me a yarn tell me what it is okay so we're gonna do our usual anime news and then we'll talk about uh some jrpgs that we think are some great ones for beginners like if you've never played a Japanese role-playing game we're going to talk

(08:10) about some articles that are floating around and I guess we're just going to cherry pick some great ones right yeah I think that sounds like a good thing to do I will warn you now though I don't think that there is really any jrpg that is perfect for beginners I think a lot of them are very you just go in at the deep end and you've got to swim or you die hey yeah this is it you know that we're gonna try and make a list for everyone I guess you know there's there's some that may be deep Cuts but I think they're

(08:43) worth at least having a taster yeah yeah um first things first let me pop this up on screen uh congratulations we've hit 3 000 downloads uh if you have listened to us from the beginning if you've listened to us on Spotify or apple podcast wherever maybe you get your podcast thank you so much for listening to us and downloading our episodes it's a huge huge milestone um and we appreciate all the views and downloads it's it's a huge uh achievement for us so thank you very much thank you thank you and I think

(09:26) that the most of that phrase should go to uh Zayn uh who this show is is uh is his baby he's the he's the he's the brain brain power behind it I just show up on the day I just do it on the night you know to find too kind one time he said hey would you would it would it kill you to to do some editing for me and I was like [Laughter] that's not why I'm on the show there we are sent to bed a benchmark I'm the D I'm the show was resident Diva that's why I wouldn't have even been on the show

(10:05) today if he hadn't like sent me the like fruit basket foreign so again thank you so much to everyone it's a huge milestone and yeah hopefully we can carry on delivering great content for you guys um I think we may have talked talked about this already I know we certainly have off stream but um spin-off series Focus and sing on the MC's Sun [Music] um how do you feel about this because you're you're the big solo leveling guy here so to be honest so when solar leveling finished I was like this was a great place to finish it was

(10:51) a great ending it doesn't need to be anything more than the author died and there was talk about how other people who had worked on it were gonna release further chapters to say what happened afterwards and I was a bit skeptical at the time because I was like how good is it going to be without the vision of the original author the artist oh I don't recall someone did pass though you're right I remember that but yeah but I I did think how how good is it gonna be to continue like you know sometimes P like sometimes

(11:30) people see how successful something is and they're like okay let's milk this for a little bit longer yeah but I've obviously been I've been reading the bonus chapters week on week and they've all been excellent It's been amazing to see how the main character continues life after everything that happened and you also get to see how all the other characters go on with their lives because obviously spoiler alert like he goes back in time and stops everything from happening before it happens and he's the only one who

(12:05) remembers um so you get to see what would have become of every other character if it had never happened and then some people do come to remember him and what he did um and his son is slowly introduced in the most recent chapters you see him as like a baby and as a toddler and then at the end of the last chapter it showed his son a teenager now going into a school um so it's it's really good uh I think I'm gonna say spoiler because I think it's like contextually I think it'll set up the the like new story very well is that um

(12:48) yeah it becomes apparent to him that um because his son has inherited all his powers you can see the shadow soldiers and he's friends with the southern Soldiers the shadow soldiers look after him like okay they take care of him and he's the shadow soldiers love him and they they they idolize him and they just want the best for him but it becomes very clear to um his mother the um him having the shadow soldiers as friends is affecting his real life interactions with children because they can they're very apparently

(13:26) children are very perceptive to Magic so they can sense that he's got this like colossal amount of magic and they stay away from him they're scared of him and uh whenever he's asked to do an art project at school he's incredible at Art but all his art is like me and my friends or me and my family or show his it'll show his mum and his dad and it will show all these like dark scary figures all standing around him and his teacher's getting worried as well so uh main character decides I'm going to I'm

(13:56) going to wipe his memory of all of this until he's old enough no one should be able to control this power okay so and that's how and then the next frames are showing him walking into school so he's got no knowledge of anything that's crazy so it's gonna be I'm interested to see what they're gonna do with it because they basically can start him afresh yeah very slowly learn how to use his powers put a little scaling in there I like it yeah so I think I think it's gonna be good I'm I'm excited for it I I've been

(14:35) really impressed with what they've done so hmm is it weird I had this thought the other day when I was when I saw this news that I'm gonna make it it's gonna sound horrible I guess we're at an age now where most of the MCS are fathers I'm thinking your ichigo's your narutoes like when when we first started reading this we were the Plucky 14 year olds and you know now their stories are getting passed on to their their kids and stuff and I'm kind of like hmm this this is really moving on to a new

(15:16) generation of uh audience now like I do like seeing it I I I I like I like seeing characters grow up and not the same thing I think I I think generally I love Pokemon and I love Pokemon since other kids but my biggest gripe with Pokemon is that Ash has never grown at all yeah yeah and I think that there was so much opportunity to show him growing up not like like perfect time scale no but wouldn't it have been great to see like Ashby like a teenager like just to have like a group like to go away after one series at the start of like I

(15:57) don't know at the start of X and Y he comes back and he's like he's like taller and like like something's changed my mind like make Pikachu look a little bit older as well like everything yeah everything has just remained the same to the point where it's like it kind of seems like everything that happened on Ashton's Journey happened in the space of like two years and that's not the case yeah I it's you're right because it's I think the um one of the creators said that it was

(16:28) supposed to be over the space of one summer like it's supposed to be a summer a lifetime full of you know one amazing summer of Adventure um it just so happens that one summer has stretched out for 20 years um there is an absolutely no way that he could have achieved all of that in a summer yeah there's people who then deep Dives and they've calculated because there's episodes that have night today transitions so those people that have calculated the days and stuff but yeah it's a crazy idea isn't it it's a missed

(17:05) opportunity because like even like I think that that's what Digimon did really well if like you had the original digidestines and then you had the new generation of Disney sessions but the old generation was still there but they were adults or or they're teenagers and stuff like that yeah and stuff and it's kind of like that's that's great because you get to see how time has passed yeah so absolutely their their roles were kind of scaled back but they still had a great you know uh part to play in the

(17:35) grand scheme like mentors and stuff and I think that what really worked well for uh for that Vision as well is the fact that because Kyrie and TK were so young in the first Adventure they were the same age as the new generation when the like second gen came along so they were they were still main characters which was cool because then you've got a link to the originals and that audience yeah still carry on watching 100 100 there we go we're showing at our age is what we're doing let's move along Let's uh so

(18:17) a series I don't think I've read this and um feel free to jump in if you have but windbreaker uh is officially getting its own series there's a ton of news by the way that came out last weekend uh there was quite a lot of um I think there was like an anime convention in Japan so like mapa had announcements and things of that nature but uh yeah windbreaker officially been announced I was a webtoon series yeah I'm just trying to work it out now I'm just trying to establish a because I'm sure that there was one

(18:53) called the breaker which was a manga that was on my list for a long time um trying to actually maybe this is something different yeah maybe this is something different this is being produced by uh cloverworks so um huge W all around I think because Club works is a great great studio um I I've definitely seen this around I see I recognize the character in the cover um it is a webtoon series you're right yeah um I'm just trying to establish work because it is it is also a manga yeah it's a popular sports themed

(19:38) webtoon series that has gained a significant following since its debut in 2016. uh the series combines elements of drama romance and A Slice of Life storytelling with an intense focus on cycling and competitive world of professional racing yeah that's I'm I'm I'm getting mixed messages because like the synopsis The synopsis on my animate list is uh Haruka Sakura wants nothing to do with weaklings he's only interested in the strongest of the strong he's just started through in high school a school of DeGeneres known for

(20:18) their brawling strike so this is a different story for the one that the other win the web comic is about like cycling like competitive cycling whereas it seems like this is I don't know he doesn't say in the synopsis we we shall fact check and come back to this one yeah we'll do the research um in other news I'm interested to see your thoughts on this so a veteran author claims isakai genre has become too repetitive too repetitive would you like my honest opinion go ahead I agree yeah I think that I I I like you I love

(21:12) the izakai genre but it's over saturated right now it's like every there are there are more isakai right now that seem to be they all follow the same it's like you know when we talk about um uh manwa the other week and I was basically saying that like all the manwa that I read are basically the exact same plot with slight differences that's what these kaijama is and I love I love so many isakai stories but I think that it we have become a bit oversaturated and that's probably why there's a lot of

(21:48) anime purists out there that dislike isakai so much so yeah it's it's like he said almost every year there's more and more isekai um and you know again the two of us we've been big fans of the genre we we think there's definitely some gems in there um but I guess similar to this author uh Nakamura uh usagi if I pronounce that correctly uh the author of The Light novel uh gokudo [ __ ] uh Express the concerns that the current state of East Coast genre she argued that the widespread trend of East Coast stories

(22:27) focusing on a protagonist who gains incredible powers and forms a harem has become repetitive and lack originality as it does there's some that have really I feel like redefined it in so many ways like jobless reincarnation um has redefined it um but it does have those elements in there there is there's no sugar coating it yeah it's like I'm I still like it a lot and I'm gonna continue to enjoy izakai but oh yeah and I think that the reason why it's so used is because it's such an easy format to write for and I'm

(23:07) not saying suggesting writing itself is a good story is Easy by no means but like isakai gives you an Avenue to set a relatable to the reader character up in a completely new space where you don't have to explain and you don't really have to explain anything you just need to throw them into another world and they have X power because they're from another world and it's kind of like it's it it kind of gives them a lot of what it gives them a lot of plot armor um and it makes it a much harder to kind

(23:46) of scrutinize the areas of the story The obika it's like oh well things are different in this world like it it also gives it also gives a way to address a lot of more problematic themes because it's like this is happening in a different world things are different here you know yeah but I think I think a lot of people like reading iskai because it's it's nice to see a and I guess that this is like I guess a representation thing and this is a representation of the very weaker side of it by the way like this is by no

(24:23) means the kind of reputation that like I think that we need more of in a lot of media but I think the the reason why is becomes so popular is because you're basically taking a the main character who is always a weak young man usually yeah yeah who goes on to become a hero or savior of the world and has all this attention that they never got in their original world yeah and I think that that resonates a lot with readers because you know who hasn't felt like powerless in the current world we live in so imagine that

(25:01) you could wake up one day being like uh another world where everyone's relying on you like you nothing can nothing can defeat you you know absolutely yeah it's the the classic chosen one uh formula it's it's like you said it's self-insert and fantasy um yeah yeah who who wouldn't want to be the key Bearer uh so yeah I completely agree with you there and you know as again we're big fans of the genre there's hundreds I could think of uh I drew the light I think where I drew the line was when

(25:43) we talked about the reincarnated as a vending machine in a dungeon I think that's the point where in my head I went maybe maybe we've got to find out the genre needs to be we need to step back from the genre a little bit and let some and try something else felt like one of those scientists in Pokemon when they made Mewtwo and they went what have I done yeah um on the subject of isakai I'm going to kind of fire through some of these uh news articles so uh we have got rising of The Shield Hero season three is

(26:26) scheduled for October 2023 uh again huge fan of this series like in the odd shape let me just do that quickly there we go uh yeah rising of the heroes Hero season three scheduled for October 2023 I'm excited for this one um yeah great action love this great world building I think that like uh like um Rising The Shield hero is a very strong isakai because there's it's World building is so good and it also kinda off from the off from the off the bat it really turns the typical isakai story on its head yes because he immediately you

(27:11) you think oh well this is gonna be another story of uh someone who gets transported over the world he's going to be here everyone loves him immediately thrown into a situation where actually no he's reviled he's considered a bad guy a criminal and he's having to and he ends up resenting the world for it he does yeah it makes him really bitter um love this series love the characters love the waifus and uh the magic system in this very good uh and the dub as well cannot forget how good the dub series is

(27:42) um Eminence in Shadow season two another isakai will Air in 2023 which is exceptional news because the first series was amazing um one of my favorites through harem is buried watching you saying I'm watching you um a complete power fantasy uh series also the fact that this MC has like the weirdest Batman Ark I've ever seen it's just fantastic uh so yeah except he's got like 17 like cats 17 Robins uh jobless reincarnation season two premieres in July uh boy look at that drip I know ridiculous

(28:46) so yes very excited to see this it's weird how all of these are isakai by the way just I just realized that what I've done it is uh uh spy family is getting a movie in December which is very exciting incredible I love that for them I love that I can only imagine it's gonna be hilarious me too a full feature length of this and that's you know with both Studios oh my gosh it's gonna be fantastic super fun Tokyo Revengers season three has been announced yeah so season two has not long finished

(29:32) I need to catch up I said this so I started streaming on Twitch um this week so check it out Zayn uh saying taicho and um I said this on my stream I find it really all trying to watch anime on Disney plus it's just kind of I forget and you think I'd kind of adjust by now with bleach but once as soon as bleach was over that was it like I never really went back to watch anything else but now Tokyo Avengers is on there I keep forgetting to kind of go to Disney plus to watch season two I I find watching anime on Disney plus

(30:15) difficult yes just because I like watching the sub and while the quality of the um the streaming is great on Disney plus the subtitles are not great and this isn't about translation or it's just that it feels like the sense yeah it feels like the subtitles are a little bit slow compared to what's being said so I found that a bit jarring I can yeah I completely agree with you there and um the the other thing I've noticed as well is when I put subtitles on for say for example bleach but then I go to

(30:58) watch a Mandalorian the subtitles are still long so then I turn them off and then when I watch The Following episode of Bleach I have to turn them back on again because there's no subtitles so this is kind of like ah yeah it's a bit of a bit of a mess I think that you know like bleach was their first proper journey into streaming something like anime and I think that they've gonna have to take some learnings from that because uh I would I I would rather watch anime anywhere else right now it's just that UI experience one thing

(31:33) now yeah I think it will make it like arguably arguably crunchyroll's interface just as bad but I would prefer the devil that I know the devil that I don't uh just give just give me just give me a skip intro button Crunchyroll give me a skip intro button and all of that goes away foreign hell's Paradise has started this article says it starts tomorrow we are ahead of time um it's already started it's amazing you gotta check it out very good so yeah it's already available hmm so get on it let's get on it now before

(32:23) it gets too many episodes and you feel intimidated because it's a great story great animation um and um I'm excited to see how it is received to be honest great video so knowing any knowing any fandom knowing any Community there's gonna be a massive group of negatives but where that's with everything you you only hear the loud voices usually don't you so um absolutely absolutely um should we talk about some jrpgs yeah well this is this is gonna be a a longer one I think because I think so too yeah

(33:08) um so we offstring talked about uh 10 best jrpgs for beginners um again there's numeral numerous articles about this and um I guess let we're gonna probably pick some of these apart and kind of gauge thoughts and stuff um I'm using this one here from Screen Rant to get an idea so kicking things off I think this is a great shout but Pokemon as a jrpg if no one's ever played is it is it's Baby's First jrpg it is exactly that isn't it baby's first year RPG I think it's a great starting

(33:52) off point um has you know arguably great sort of jrpg mechanics in terms of constantly searching for Pokemon you know specific Pokemon as well as well as items and you know that the stories of a great caliber and you don't need to play all of them to get up to date you could just pick anyone in the series um as a jumping on point arguably Pokemon is great for beginners um for new and old players because the stories are very low stakes like you said you don't have to have played any of the other games to get involved in it

(34:33) because they're all very self-contained um by Design we are obviously talking about how before the show the like Pokemon every single generation has its own gimmick these days yeah and the reason for that is because they're obviously wanting to keep it self-contained if they have if they brought over a gimmick from another game forward to another generation then they're gonna have to there's gonna have to be more like linking the generations isn't there and I think they're trying to avoid that

(35:03) exactly yeah it almost treated like every Pokemon game could be someone's first uh yeah I think that's a great mindset to have [Music] um here's one I thought I'd love to get your thoughts on actually so this uh this one comes from games uh sorry games rent uh so at number 11 they had the world that ends with you the world ends with you is an incredible Nintendo DS game I had so much fun playing it I think that it with the gift of hindsight looking back on it I think there's a lot about the combat

(35:54) that could have been done better but for the DS very good the story is really engaging in a way that is it's not clearly all laid out in front of you in fact you play through the whole story of the world ends with you you basically play through the story three times as the same main character but with different companions okay I didn't realize um yeah and um you eventually learn like the reason why you're there and stuff it's it's very good I I really enjoyed the story after a first RPG as a

(36:33) beginners RPG I I would probably disagree in my opinion I think it's um I I wouldn't consider it to be a thirst entry into uh into jrpgs is that because of the constant replay or is that no I just think I think this this is purely based on my own experience of it I just kind of feel like having when I picked it up it didn't it wasn't an easy experience to get into like I feel like the combat is quite like if you if you go into it like then this might just come from the fact that I've obviously been playing jrpgs for

(37:19) longer than I've been I played uh uh the world ends of you so I have an expectation already of like what jrpgs are but I found that like going from the traditional jrpg combat and exploration that you and to go into the World Zoo is very jarring it's by no means to say that it's bad it's just I don't think it's uh for me anyway I don't think it was uh an easy transition and I think that there's a lot about it that is kind of like uh and they probably address this with the word ends of U2 which I've not played

(37:55) yet but there's a the way that the combat works is use badges to get your powers and I think that there's not a lot of explanation into the badges themselves and how they work and how they synergize how weaknesses work I think that there's a lot of skill Gap like skill jumps in it and then you'll kind of just like expected to learn here's a hot question would you suggest Kingdom Hearts over this then as like would you recommend Kingdom Hearts for a new beginner compared to world's end with you

(38:33) any day of the week Kingdom Hearts like say say like okay so I'm a massive Kingdom Hearts fan um say what you will about uh say you what you will about some of the weaker titles I don't I don't care because it's like my it's one of my favorite like game franchises I've loved it since the beginning um but what kingdom even though Kingdom Hearts one isn't the best gameplay wise and say it it basically spoon feeds you everything you need to know yeah you know like there's obviously this like

(39:12) the story is obviously very convoluted especially as you go through the sequels and you do and there's obviously a long a meme about the fact that like in order to actually play human hearts you have to like to under truly understand the story you'd have to like do like years of like deep diving into the law to actually understand why things are the way they are that's true yeah but I think that for the for a purely like from a purely beginner point of view honestly human past is great because you know it's such

(39:48) a it starts off as such a low very simple story it's light versus Darkness there's no blood there isn't any gray area like you are this kid who's had Destiny thrust upon them yeah and um you know the whole fact that it's like Disney as well might be a turn off for a lot of people I think it's great it's so it's so so fun and like uh so like weird to see like like characters like Goofy and Donald be these like integral parts of these really complex like fight against evil to the point where you get to

(40:26) Kingdom Hearts free and you find out that like like just based on naming conventions and spells you find out that like Donald is probably one of the most powerful Mages in all of Final Fantasy using a spell that is only like being used by like maybe two or like one or two other people in the entire series and I think one of them was an antagonist [Laughter] so Zeta flare is no joke it's no joke it's uh it's it's op for a reason uh and then you see you know you go into you then you go into Kingdom Hearts 2 and

(41:04) you see goofy dies [Laughter] but then he's not I don't give up if you don't come into a show expecting that there might be spoilers about a game that's been around for what 10 years or more I'll fight you if you if you wanna if you you don't want the spoilers you come and fight me I'll fight you he'll throw hands replica key blades from underneath my desks that also that's something I just got to mention I went to a gaming convention this weekend um and you know I I kind of went into it

(41:42) expecting there to be some anime themed stalls um and I think I sent you a bunch of videos of anime figures that were there and stuff but the amount of uh swords and keyblades and like replicas that's being sold it's just in fact like it's just crazy to me like you've got Sasuke's you know sword from when he was being trained by Orochimaru you've got an array of keyblades and you've got an array of swords from Sword Art Online like that seems to be the set everywhere and tengen sword I've noticed now a lot

(42:21) of Demon Slayer theme swords as well yeah yeah it's I think I think with the Advent of how um easy 3D printing has become uh yeah it's it's obviously a lot easier a lot more accessible for people to make a business out of selling these now um whereas before like if you want to order like a replica swords you'd have to go on to like a certain site and you'd have to wait weeks for it to be made and you'd be paying out of the out of your ass so yeah whereas nowadays you can literally just buy a replica of Amazon if you

(42:57) wanted to it's very true remember how much does remember the struggle to buy a decent looking forehead protector back in our school days my word yes yeah the hunt for yeah anything that wasn't the konoha uh headband was ridiculous back in the day um I'm interested to engage your thoughts on this one uh in terms of a jrpg for a beginner Persona 5 Royal yes and no I think that generally Persona 5 does a really good job of leading the story like theirs like if you just went into it and you just wanted to play it start to finish

(43:48) um I think yeah probably like pretty good experience but I think in order to get the best experience out of um Persona 5 especially percent of eyebrow you've got to play it hard okay and you have to play it you have to get a really good with um time management and that can be difficult for newcomers because like it it's one of those situations whereas like there are some things that only happen like one day out of like the entire game if you miss it there's no way to repeat it other than playing the game so I think that there's

(44:27) there's so much about I think Persona games in general there's just so much that is missable by not being having a full grasp of what the games are all about because like you know you've got like 15 plus like relationships to maintain in order to get all those relationships to match you've got a like kind of maximize your time in order to get in order to advance some of the relationships you have to have your stats at a certain level there's so much juggling I don't I don't personally see Persona

(45:02) generally as being super easy for a beginner I mean story wise it's another straightforward story and I think it's it's a great experience so if you do pick it up as your first absolutely but I don't think that you can and again I'm saying this as someone who has a lot of experience playing these sorts of games so my my opinion is colored by that but I think to get the best experience out of it you have to go into it fully understanding every aspect of it and I think you only get that after

(45:38) playing Persona 3 Persona 4 Persona 5 and both of their like you know and their like remakes yeah I I think um just touching on the remakes personally speaking I think some of the the original versions are better I know we we're big fans of the Persona 3 FES version compared to the portable uh remake that we've had recently and yeah I think that's a better experience for a player yeah I I know why that happened because obviously they needed to they wanted to do a PSP port and in order to do that they had to

(46:18) scale the game back and obviously FES scale base game up yeah adding more into it and I think that they needed to cut that back uh which is a shame because I think that obviously um Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable have now been ported over to PlayStation 4 and Xbox yeah and Persona for Golden incredible game and it's just gonna play the exact same on um the console um Persona 3 Portable even though you have to get the opportunity to play as male and female main characters so you get to see two experience two different versions of the

(47:01) story yeah I feel like percent of reporters are very lackluster compared to like the original even just the base game of Persona 3 on PlayStation 2. yeah because I didn't realize they're still like you said those ports came over to um last gen consoles but uh with the Persona 3 Portable version you don't get to go around to like the mall and all of the places that the the outside of the the main quest elements it just first points you click yes or point and click and you get to the place and then you'll get your

(47:37) interactions but you don't actually get to run around in the world and that was a big old turn off for me um yeah because I played the original Persona 3 and then I played Persona 3 FPS and you get to do all of the cool running around stuff I think it's not super cool but you know you get a bit more immersed in the world when you can explore yeah and you also get some of the better music as well I found I love the music when you traveling around places you should hear my person you should hear my Spotify

(48:06) playlists [Laughter] um uh let's have a look as I'm scrolling through this list is there any that spring to mind for you for beginners specifically I would say um for beginners so this is two pronged I would say um Final Fantasy VII but specifically the remake I think is um incredible for beginners because you basically you'll take I mean and obviously remake is a chapter by chapter sort of situation it is gonna be a number of parts to get the full story but uh I think that they basically cut out all of the best bits

(48:55) of the original game yeah compiled it all into one change things up to make it a little bit more easy to follow and the gameplay system is a lot more engaging so I think that a lot of people struggle a lot of people these days probably struggle with um old Jr old RPG just generally um yeah mechanics because they're a lot slower they're not as like if you were if you were to play like um any video game these days it's so fast paced to go to a turn by turn thing is a bit jarring and it can be a bit boring for people

(49:32) um so yeah I'd say the Remake definitely good for beginners Final Fantasy 7 itself great story I it was my first Final Fantasy it was my first year um Adventure into Final Fantasy um so for me it was a great first experience it really kindled my love for the whole franchise um but it is it good for beginners I I think that my learning from this whole conversation is that it's it's there's a lot of like um a lot of personal preference involved there's a lot of like uh you know everyone's gonna be different

(50:13) but I'd say personally Final Fantasy 7 itself um the original I wouldn't consider it as amazing for beginners but I'm with you there yeah it's it's a lot to kind of take in I think because my first was eight um and yeah there's a lot of mechanics and things to kind of introduce you I think with those older final fantasies as well because they were text based it's a lot of reading to kind of uh to grasp and such as well so um yeah I think there's a lot more that you could miss maybe if you just

(50:50) kind of like oh I'm tired of reading skip skip um but now I think with a lot more voice acting and such in these remakes and such I think it's it's a lot more easier to kind of take in yeah and the with um with the final faces of remake like I said about it obviously takes all the best bits and puts it right out front there's if there's a lot less risk of you missing something because it very much points at the thing that it wants you to see it's like very like very much like this is important we're gonna make a whole

(51:24) point of it in this cutscene to show you exactly how important this is whereas in the uh like I said it's so much like text and obviously the graphically final seven isn't it was revolutionary for the time um but it's like you're basically a tiny Sprite on this like very poorly rendered map and it's like okay well there's there's something there that to the to the more uh perceptible person who's played it before is going to be like oh my God I didn't notice that before it's like yeah it was like right

(51:57) there all along and it's like 100 it's just there um I remember a similar thing happened when uh I discovered Diablos was in that um that lamp in Final Fantasy 8. I was like oh it's like this massive boss fight fight happens out of nowhere in your life I am caught off guard right here like I was not prepared for this so um yeah I think Final Fantasy is that the remake's a good point 100 a good jumping on point I think yeah um I had a crazy thought because I've seen um actually no before I get to there

(52:41) this one that I've been itching to play and I'm sure you're the same Fire Emblem in three houses I know Fire Emblem has been um a series that is just captured the world recently um especially with this particular one similar to person I think it does a lot in terms of um relationships and stuff like it introduces the concept of it's not just about uh leveling up your main character but leveling up and having these relationships can be really fruitful going forward what are your thoughts on that one I

(53:21) agree um though what I have heard about uh about free houses is that um the combat's great the interactions are great but the there's a lot of running around in between that doesn't feel good I've heard yeah which could be a turn off for a new player but I think Fire Emblem just games in general are a great great way a great variation of a theme because it's obviously it's a more tactical game rather than like like term based RPG you're controlling an army rather than like seven players yeah player

(54:01) characters you know so and um what I really like about um Fire Emblem and I've not played the Fire Emblem game in a while if you lose a unit in battle if someone dies in battle they're gone they're dead yeah so there's a lot of um turning off and repeating the battle if you want if you if you want to get through the entire story not losing any of your favorites you're gonna have to play through the same battles a couple of times yeah and re kind of reevaluate your tactics and things I think um yeah which

(54:36) again it kind of pushes you a little bit doesn't it especially if you're fond of a particular character and stuff I've heard it could be very long as well like you can end up sinking a lot of hours into Fire Emblem especially three houses so um yeah I think that's a good one um the other one I wanted to mention specifically is it's a bit of a wild card but when looking at these lists I noticed there was like the occasional Monster Hunter thrown in which I think is a is a good point and you'll probably add a

(55:08) little bit more texture to that um being a big monster hunter player yourself but to kind of flip it on reverse uh I was gonna mention uh God Eater um which has that same sort of formula but more specifically because godita has an anime series and a manga series um off the back of it as well um what are your thoughts on God Eater I couldn't get into gaudia but when I played God Eater I was playing on PS playing a PSP port on the Vita and I think that even though there are incredible PSP games that have been

(55:55) ported over I feel like I just didn't mesh with it as well on handheld I feel like if it had been like if I played it on a on uh console console I guess yeah like a like a TV console I probably would have enjoyed it more I just couldn't and I think that maybe in line with what you were saying I think because I am a big monster hunter fan yeah I think that there was a lot that I found lacking about God Eater yeah just because monster has pretty got got it down to a fine ass hmm so yeah I I totally agree with you because

(56:34) what I found is I've always struggled with the monster hunter franchise because it was just kind of understanding things like you have to cook to to kind of get your health and stats back up and you know this is there's a time scale to kind of defeat the monster as well as get the resources that you need and such um but I found with God Eater it was very much kind of like baby's first introduction into the Monster hunting franchise um great story great characters want to say yeah they kind of meshed in anime cut

(57:12) scenes as well as uh you know model cutscenes as well which really kept me interested um so yeah I think that was kind of like one of the reasons I fell in love with it as well um Gotti to burst uh the one that I've just shown on screen that was the original PSP version that came here to the West um God Eater Resurrection uh is the version that came with God Eater 2 to PS4 so um it's kind of like one of those weird things where you buy a copy of God Eater 2 but you get a free copy of the first God Eater game included yeah

(57:52) um because again the ports that came to the West were kind of minimum um so yeah that's been really cool um yeah that was one I thought was worth mentioning [Laughter] my lover God Eater as a concept I love it I love the story I love the idea of the origami uh which are the like antagonistic force on there and the fact that it's like it's not even so much that they're like aliens or anything like that is literally this the origami is like starting off as like a single cell thing but it's Unique

(58:32) characteristic is it cannibalizes anything yeah so it just continued to do that and got bigger and bigger until the point where they're these like giant monsters that are literally consuming all life on earth like that's pretty pretty rad as a post-apocalyptic Concepts so it's pretty cool yeah apparently there's um there is a lot of um debating about the title as well because the the title using God Eater uh to the West was kind of like a I don't know if we could use that like sort of scenario so um yeah

(59:06) there's lots of interesting things about just porting or selling it to the West um like I said alongside a Manga and Anime series so um it's worth checking out I think in God's eating the rich I'll do it all come on go full Erin Jaeger when it came to this game tell you what I've got I've got I've got a great a great this is this is this is my my final thing because I've got a great jrpg here for you might not come as a surprise to you but okay who knows have you heard of a little indie game

(59:46) called Final Fantasy 14 that is free to play up until the heavensward experience until the end of the heavensward expansion and also currently you can obtain storm blood for free if you download it now I didn't know about the storm Blood part that's currently currently free to download and for a couple more days so uh I'm not sponsored by by Square Enix to be putting this but uh I'd say you could some might look at Final Fantasy 14 and think it's an MMO it's really intimidating and you know they

(1:00:24) might be right but I think that generally speaking as an environment to play it if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into yeah and you want a slightly different RPG experience give Final Fantasy 14 a go they're doing a lot to make they've done a lot to streamline the original game to make it better for new players um and despite what some people might say about its community of all the communities I'm a part of in gaming Final Fantasy 14 Community great for beginners people are really helpful

(1:00:57) um it's a great experience and you might try and not like it you might try it and you might love it but uh you know give it a go I think it's a great a great induction into jrpgs yeah 100 I think um it does a lot in terms of not only I guess it's kind of a staple of an MMO but you know the whole idea of investing time into crafting uh investing time to understand the marketplace to sell items and and stuff I I think it's it's a it is an experience worth checking out like you get what you put into it it's definitely

(1:01:32) one of those things and if you like I I would be lying if I told you I was playing as much as I did like like uh five years ago like before I was like playing hours every single day now because not so much maybe I'll log on like once a week but it's always very easy to kind of pick back up they put a lot of places to make it easier to play as a casual you don't have to know Leifer in order to enjoy it and even if you just play it just to play through the story the story just gets progressively better

(1:01:59) yeah yeah 100 agree there um I guess that's our list um let us know what you thought did we miss any obvious ones let us know in the comments down below um of course make sure to like share and subscribe uh give us a star rating if you listen this on your favorite podcast platform it helps us out in a big bad way uh CC day anything else to end on except I was not paid by Square Enix to say any of that lovely stuff about Final Fantasy 14 but Square Enix if you'd like to sponsor us please do I would I would

(1:02:40) I would I would do that for you anyway you know enjoy Easter guys like I don't know how I don't know what people will be doing for it but you know it's back to normalcy tomorrow enjoy enjoy this holiday granted by the Zombie Jesus laughs uh yes uh do enjoy and um make sure to check out all of our social medias all the relevant links will be in the description down below um if you want to join me on Twitch uh again the link will be in description twitch.

(1:03:23) tv Zane taicho I just subscribed thank you so much well I followed I haven't subscribed so it follows you though thank you uh yeah I my first stream we went through um the anime last season and we kind of you know put a score next to them and stuff so that was kind of fun um because I was using this brand new microphone I think it was a little quiet so um yeah I'll be tinkering with the audio going forward but uh Hey Ho hello first time experiences remember [Laughter] there we go um fantastic thanks for listening thanks for watching and we shall catch yo

(1:04:17) the next one

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