The 6 Best Original Anime Movies You've Never Heard Of

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welcome to a brand new episode of Undisputed anime this is the podcast

where we like to give you some top top banana recommendations I was going to

say top shelf but I bottled it at the last minute could you tell I wasn't gonna say anything

um yeah you know you're good at your job so uh

um as always I am Zane taicho and I am joined by my fantastic co-host Mr Susie

day how are you good to upon manwa it is evening which is um

weird it's weird to record a podcast this late but you know sometimes you forget about plans that you make with

your suit your significant others and your family and uh you can't record a podcast because you need to be in a

place so so here here we are uh here we are the dark

times so yeah I'm good I'm good you know I'm making I I I plowed my way through uh

the new God of War game like top tier you finished it yeah 100

wow like Ultra like Platinum like did it I just wow yeah honestly couldn't have

been happier of it interesting now it's Pokemon so now it's

Pokemon season yeah so uh keep him busy guys

um yeah I I'm enjoying Pokemon uh this is funny enough I'd take it we've both got

the different versions I've got scarlet and you've got Violet I've got violet yeah there we go

so uh yeah I've been enjoying it I think it's really cool uh obviously the graphics are a bit hit and miss but you

take the rough with the smooth yeah I think that if anything like so so far on my playthrough and I'm very like

not that far through yet it's uh I'm not really encountered anything other than a

little bit of like stuttering when I'm like turning the camera too quick

not not encountered any glitches where people are appearing in walls or their

eyeballs are hanging out their heads um you know maybe when I get more more populated areas that'll start happening

but I think that if every everything that I've seen just makes me want to see what I want to see the glitches in

person I want to experience them so some of this stuff I've seen on Twitter has been hilarious

um absolutely it's been so good uh I guess actually that should bring me on

to a little bit of housekeeping um social media

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is a biggie um well I see you know something I wouldn't

say it's like you know it's it's an interesting topic because I'm

sure the there are things that we'll talk about today that some people may agree with some may not

um but you know we're talking about Standalone anime movie titles aren't we

so yeah and it's a big it's you know there's a lot um I've I mean I've listed my my

favorites um which isn't a huge number um I'm hoping that our lists are

completely different so [Laughter] yeah this will be interesting uh out of

Interest how many have you got I've got three but I've got a couple more because I I kind of didn't want to

do the very obvious thing of like saying a Ghibli title um yeah so like well that's like I know

that they're they're obviously Standalone movies but they're obviously very iconic very well known so I wanted

to try and talk about some things that you know within the community might be more they they obviously might be known

in the community um some of them might be very popular in the community but you know um you know that a less known outside of like those

who partake in anime and others yeah things yeah yeah definitely I I've tried

to do uh similar things where I try to to stay away from Ghibli or any sort of

movie that belongs to a franchise IP and what I mean by that

is like my hero or a Naruto sort of yeah one piece red yeah because they are they

are technically like Standalone but it's like they are associated with like a

series and it's kind of yeah yeah it's like you you wanna I wanna I wanted to talk about anime the anime movies that

are kind of set apart that that's all there is of them it is that story start to finish there is no speculation as to

how that affects the main Canon it is just you know that's how it was

is a great idea great idea um did you want to start things off uh yeah I'm gonna start one off with a

uh one that I've really liked one that you didn't like at all I think I know

what this is go on it's a delightful movie known as origin spirits of the

past now I really like this movie but I believe

that this movie made you literally feel like you were gonna vomit I think so yeah I found it here we go

um yeah so it's a you know it's it's basically a post-apocalyptic story

um set on Earth where basically the Earth has been completely overrun with like a sentient forests

um and humanity is just kind of trying to live they're just trying to like get by and survive now

um and one day the main uh character um I think it's Akito yeah uh or agito

uh he um he's exploring and he stumbles upon like this uh old fallen out cave he

enters it and he finds out that it's actually filled with all of these like strange like mechanical like pods which

as a viewer you're like those are cryopods and he like goes down and you find out that like all of these cryopods are

broken the people inside them are dead like they're skeletons and stuff um but then you he finds one which is

working and it has the the um the female protagonist and Tula

um and she's obviously from a time before the forest was a thing uh in fact she was obviously put into

cryostasis because of the disaster that happened that caused the forests yeah

and I I just I I really I I love a post-apocalyptic story I love a story of

like of like Humanity has been wrecked yeah like and you know what the remnants

are surviving um the other reason I really like it is because there is a lot of

I think that it's got it kind of gets to this point where it's like humanity is gone so regressed so far back that

there's now like this kind of like feeling of like magic to it like there are these um there are certain people

among them who have kind of like formed like a pact with like the beings of the forest and it kind of gives them like

super strength and the ability to you know better work the land and stuff

um but like they're they're generally fearful of these like kind of sage like creatures that like live in the forest

which are like creepy as well um there's a lot of like there's betrayals

there's like twists and turns you meet characters who are linked to what

happens if it's I don't I think that this is one of those sorts of like episodes where I don't really want to go

into too much like too much about the plot because I think that whether you like it or hate like it or don't like it

I think it's it's worth a watch um especially if you like the sorts of stories about you know a world after our

world yeah absolutely um

just having a look here I can't believe it's 2006 this came out

yes so long ago um yeah great First Choice one that

probably doesn't get talked about an awful lot as well considering it's you know some of these other movies might be

a little bit older and stuff but like a Ghibli movie for example but um yeah

great movie I pretty sure it had some great animation as well

um at the time absolutely yeah yeah I guess

for me I'm not a big plank guy um and this is all about

plants and Forest I I the forest is alive but it's

not just alive it is out to kill you if you want this far from yourself so this

is it yeah so um yeah I think that's that's what put me off initially I'm

happy to give this another watch um and looking at this apparently it's on Crunchyroll as well so I'm happy to

give it another watch um you know a couple of years later so yeah

see if you see if you can do it I'd love for you to actually go back and have a different opinion of it obviously if you

don't have a different opinion that's fine Everyone's entitled to their own opinions even if they're wrong [Laughter]

that's true that's true um yeah well uh so I guess

I'll jump into my choice uh this is a film from 2009

um possibly it's no secret one of my favorite directors in the game uh and

this it's just a sensational movie called Summer Wars

of course the Summer Wars is a movie

[Laughter] with the run time of 1 hour 54.

Studio behind this was mad house so hugely popular um Studio great animation

beautiful animation some here's the thing and this is where I

think a lot of the confusion comes from the style of this movie is very very

very close to the Digimon movie and the reason for that is because it's

the same director um hosada Sensei uh directs not only this

movie but of course the Digimon movie and recently Belle the other sort of

cybernetic um movie that came out not too long ago actually maybe the beginning of the year

fantastic movie uh this is about a mass genius who solves a puzzle on his phone

and without realizing had released an AI

onto this type of server or you know sort of like social

media slash think of like the metaverse but on a sort of Discord I guess but it has the

same elements of the Digimon movie you know Digimon movie had a virus this has like an AI that Causes Chaos that

affects the real world yeah like the first like the first Arc of the Digimon movie is blue yeah yeah

um and it's down to this guy and due to circumstances this girl that he

is with her family are trying their best to stop um this AI as well as all the other sort

of real world events that take place um then that could be anything from

uh traffic likes going crazy to you know emergency call outs to elderly people

and stuff um it's it's a really I guess like it's a great sort of story

in terms of like family and working together and believing in each other and stuff like that but it's um the tension

building is always great with these movies because they always end with a timer it's down to the you know the wire

in the final fight online that everyone seems to be watching around the world

um yeah I love those elements yeah I'm I'm really getting big Digimon the movie

Vibes and people may no may or may not know we on Undisputed anime podcasts

love the Digimon movie foreign

so good such an amazing soundtrack can't go wrong even dubbed incredible yeah absolutely

good choice good choice thank you thank you um what is up next for you my friend so

I hesitate I hesitated to do this one next because this is actually like my favorite one but I'm concerned that

because I'm concerned it might also fall on your list maybe so I'm gonna read it now so I I get in there

um my second choice here is paprika okay yeah

paprika being an absolute tactical a Marvel to watch it's

basically as we did we discussed the other week it's basically Inception

before Inception yes absolutely basically the story of uh

the story of uh um a mysterious um so there's been a string of like

murders happening dream terrorism um and the introduction of this

character known as paprika who you find out is actually just like kind of an

a dream Persona of the actual main character

um but she's like complete Polar Opposites from the main character who's very straight edged

um but I I I really don't know what to say about it because it is such a trip to

watch it is beautifully animated the story despite being so Bonkers is so coherent

um and like the idea of like combining these elements of like like terrorism

and like murder with like this really I mean looking at the banner here you can

see like all the stuff going on there it's like the idea of like the dream world spilling out into reality it's really

such a cool like experience and I would recommend this movie to anyone

to watch in fact I'm gonna go and watch it tonight [Laughter]

I love this movie so much it's so good yeah it's been a good couple of years

since I've seen it um but it's just one of those back in

well this movie came out in 2006 so anywhere around that time that you

managed to find this in a DVD bin it was just a Golden Goose of a find like it

was incredible um I've just seen this on the page actually

let me just share this quickly uh the film received an early Premiere at the

63rd Venice International Film Festival on the September 2nd 2006. yeah it was

nominated uh nominated for the Golden Lion best film wow

um it also it won it's it's obviously like a critically acclaimed movie um it won the Public's Choice Award at

the Montreal Festival of new Cinema um oh damn it's it's one uh a couple of

best animation Awards um and it was nominated for others it's obviously and that was over the course of a year so it

was released so um and apparently there was a live action in development

no way in 2009 um but there's not been any significant

update as to whether it will be produced um however

yeah breaking news uh in August 2022 it was reported that Kathy Yan would direct

an executive produce a live action television adaptation for Amazon

oh Amazon looking for that anime money hello yes

so yes watch it it's great you'll love it and

if you don't love it you'll at least come away questioning everything you know about dreams

I like that that's cool um great choice

absolutely on to you on to me um surprisingly not on my list

paprika um even though that is a solid choice and a

great movie recommendation there uh my next choice is without any sort of

real introduction uh the boy and the Beast uh I have not seen this

really fun movie um it's easy to say it's a retelling or a

reimagination of Jungle Book um oh yeah so you know a little boy

who's lost but found in like this sort of spiritual Beast World

um really fun again I don't want to say too much but it is amazing the the one thing

I really love is the relationship between the boy and the Beast uh so I'm

trying to think of their names uh so yeah the beast's name is tattoo

um really fun it kind of has that Harkin sort of relationship of

he's kind of like well you need to fight everyone anyone who's mean to you you pick up your fists and you you know that

kind of mentality um so yeah it it's kind of like

a dad with a big heart but probably gives the wrong message do you know what I mean well like below

like balloon is just like hey you don't need to worry about anything just chill out maybe that's not what you need

to hear when you're being um pursued by a tiger yeah yeah or have

a major life decisions about being like a man and leaving behind us yeah exactly

uh but yeah really fun I've always enjoyed this movie I I

always recommend it again something that came out fairly recently so 2015 so it

has like really great animation to this day uh the dub is really good as well

and yeah I I'm pretty sure you could probably find this on most streaming

platforms now by the looks of things so um yeah I I would definitely recommend

this movie uh for anyone who just looking for something to watch over a weekend

yeah it looks like he has uh looks like something I'm going to add to my list um

absolutely I love how on the nose the the bear's name is yeah

that's that's very very much like that um got some time off next week maybe I'll

watch it then ah nice it's nice nice

so any closing notes on that movie any closing notes

um no surprise it's the same director as my

last movie choice so you might spot a theme well you know like if if someone does

something well why not continue to like their stuff yeah

so uh yeah very enjoyable I'm gonna give it a watch and I will tell you what I think I'd

love to hear your thoughts on that one yeah it looks like I love Jungle Book I love the story of The Jungle Book and I love retellings of classical like of

stories that you already know so yeah me too yeah or with a slightly different

like perspective things you know absolutely like it's uh you know it's always fun to see it to hear us a stale

story retold in a new exciting way so definitely definitely

what is next up on your list my friend so another classic for me at least is the

uh the girl who left Through Time okay yeah I love this movie so much it's

such a it's such a great story of um

it's a great story of Youth of the brashness and like kind of

Carefree nature of Youth um you know the main character um she basically

ends up unknowingly finding uh like and with the power to travel through time

though she doesn't fully understand it and as you would

as a child as like a child you would use it for the things that you want to use

it on and she uses it to kind of read like redo things that she makes mistakes

in she uses it very carelessly very selfishly but then it all starts to kind

of add up and as a result of her actions people in her life end up getting really

hurt and she's then having to kind of like face all of this

and realizing that actually what I what I'm doing isn't the right

way to use his power and she also finds out that this is not she she doesn't realize this until it's too late that

this is not something that she can use endlessly this is something that has a limit uh wow and obviously that knowledge

doesn't come to her until it's too late so it's kind of I think it's it's a great I wouldn't say

it's like a Coming of Age story but it's a it's a great story about like kind of the arrogance of being like young and I

think that while not well few of us can probably profess to being able to have

traveled through time at any point in our lives except forwards yeah uh it's

it's very easy to put yourselves in the shoes of the protagonist because you're kind of like well yeah absolutely that's

exactly what I would have done yeah yeah like you wake up you wake up you go to

school you end up making a fool of yourself tripping over in front of someone you like

you've got you go back for time make sure that happens yeah yeah you fail a test go back or you do the tests and

stuff like all that sort of thing so uh I definitely recommend it it's a it's a lovely uh it is considered to be

a um a love story I believe okay yeah

um to some degree I wouldn't say necessarily it's completely that but there are elements of that it's a very

Slice of Life and as you would imagine with a slice of Life High School anime title of any kind there's

obviously going to be some sort of romance that's just how it works that's true that is very true

um really great pick another 2006 uh

they were hitting them that was a good it was a good good period for uh yeah independent titles

like this also did you see who directed this movie nope

oh my gosh it's only bloody

Sensei himself wow I am so grateful to you

it's so grateful uh the man's got talent I haven't

actually seen this um I I remember once uh

someone we both know went to put this on after a heavy night of drinking the day

before so I I just being hungover is what I'm trying to say probably weren't

in the space to watch this about time travel and stuff I think if if the person you're talking about is the

person I think it is I actually own his copy hahaha

so if you'd like to borrow it I would be happy to lend it to you oh nice uh apparently this is on

Crunchyroll as well so um oh my God I made use of that surf shark VPN because

[Music] um because uh none of that on UK Crunchyroll

unfortunately ah okay I have been double checking every time you like go and check it on Crunchyroll

it's not not for me not on the UK one not on UK Country Road you've got to be

using that good good VPN to that surf shark VPN links in the description

[Laughter] we got your backs don't worry uh

what are we up to now how many of you chosen three I've done three okay that's that's how my fingers look

when it's free not that you can't that's not free

uh okay so my next pick is uh a very

recent movie that came out uh it is called now this looks like a long

title when the English translation is words bubble up like soda pop and this

is one of the sort of like Netflix original uh anime movies that we've been

slowly getting released by um

Colorado uh but it's not but either way one of Netflix's uh original anime

movies that have been coming out this movie is fantastic the color

palette alone is Sensational it's just so gorgeous yeah that's amazing

really good it's a bit of a slow movie because it's all sort of character

driven not saying most movies aren't but this is a very like

carrot to break down and you know understanding their motives and everything and then they kind of push through so kind of like a slice of life

like you mentioned before because this all takes place over a summer period um

but what's really um interesting about this this Dynamic I

should say follows two characters uh a boy and a girl the girl character has

um has this really big social media following um I think her name's Cherry off the top of my head uh no sorry her name smile

um so ironically she is really self-conscious about her teeth

um so she has you know slightly larger teeth is the whole idea and because

she's you know got this huge social media following most of the time she wears a

face mask and does like dances and stuff and all this other things whereas

um the main character Cherry he almost has like a

I don't know if it is like um what am I thinking of uh

like social anxieties or like uh okay but it's on the Spectrum or something

along those lines but his his whole thing because he walks around with headphones almost like he has

um I'm trying to think of the condition um he just gets like yeah he gets

overwhelmed with like um credits over stimulated yeah yeah so he's very kind of like stuck to

his headphones and he always has them on when he's in crowded places and things of that nature and what he does a lot of

the time is creates hakus so like they're like poetry oh yeah that is yes

it's amazing and he he has like this thing on Twitter where he'll constantly just tweet out his

um haikus uh so but there's like not really like a

following on there or anything it's only for his own sort of like if he thinks of something he'll put a tweet out if you

know what I mean yeah it's so good like it's just

amazing story uh again about both of them overcoming their self-consciousness

and again their character development um came out in 2021 so again very very

recent an hour and 27 minutes long so good absolutely fantastic very

accessible as well it looks like because uh Netflix is obviously everywhere

absolutely absolutely a fantastic body of work I highly recommend giving a

watch I'm definitely gonna go you've given me some things to think about because uh

you know I think the Standalone titles are often harder to come by

at least when we were at least when we were growing up like you had to like purposely like buy a DVD without knowing

if you were going to enjoy it so I didn't watch a lot of standalones when I was growing up uh and it's only been

like my more in my later years which I've actually started doing it is obviously much easier to kind of

partaking it like that the things that I've mentioned today like paprika the government every time those are things

that came to me um from other people yeah um things like

origin is something that I actually went out and bought myself and so it was kind of that and I remember that feeling like

it was either going to be a hit or miss I just wanted to consume some more anime so I bought it

uh with what a little money I have so yeah definitely I I guess like in this

day and age as well um we're so accustomed to sticking to IPS as well because we we've already

either a invested in it or B we know we expect a certain level from it already

so again if if that is our my hero Academia movies or Sword Art Online or

even the Quincy quintessential quintuplets movie you know we know what

we're gonna bite into and they could be like what an hour-long movie or maybe

even two hours yeah where with these particular movies I think

maybe people are less inclined to to watch them because they may not know

you know what I mean at two hours to to discover something in this day and age it sounds like a big

sacrifice compared to anything off the back of you know what I mean

considering we we're getting spin-offs off Star Wars and and you know things of that like as well I hope I kind of

explain that well enough no no no I completely get what you're saying like

it's it's and you're completely right it's uh media's changed a lot and how we consume

it is kind of like so a lot of people like I I joke about this all the time

because it makes me sound like an old man when I say it but it's like kids of the generation younger than us

even our own generation it's starting to become a thing where they can't consume

long-form media anymore because to think because of things like Tick Tock and

YouTube it's all very short form content that you can digest like in the space of

like a lunch break in the space that like Tick Tock is obviously like you spend 30 seconds of your time and it's

just like content content content content so yeah as a result of that like when I'm like hey do you want to watch a

movie to my daughter she's uh she's like well no I don't really want to do that so she she hates watching movies and I

think it's because she's just so used to just getting content so quick like so fast that she can't sit through

something that long anymore yeah so I I definitely know what you mean yeah we're we're more inclined to watch

a TV show than a movie now um and again even if it is we're gonna

watch two episodes back to back maybe we had no intention of doing that to start with yeah but if if we're hooked in that

deeply then we'll stick around for two episodes which isn't fair again to like a movie

run time so um yeah it's a tricky scenario but I'm hoping that

episodes like this will really help people discover some good movies especially considering

um now and this is obviously something that we learned when we went to see one piece red is uh

um Cinemas at least in the UK are starting to become more start to become aware of that there is a following for

uh people who want to see these sorts of movies in the cinema and usually obviously you know we get like the

spin-off movies for things like my hero Academia one piece uh you know things like that uh showing up you expect those

to show but like we actually saw a trailer for uh suzumi no tajimari didn't we uh while we were watching One Piece

red and I'm really looking forward to it and I'm I'm gonna go and see it in the cinema when it comes out because it

looks incredible yes it's obviously it's obviously um made by the same folk who

did your name so obviously it's gonna it's gonna be amazing so and who doesn't

love an anthropomorphic tiny chair

it's only got three legs not four he's only got three legs yeah there's your stool then no he's got a back so he

can't yeah he's not classed as a stall no um what's up next on your list I actually

don't have anything else on my list um it's really more like kind of honorable mentions and uh it's kind of

the things that I try to avoid putting on my main list okay so if you've got anything else on your list we can

obviously like run through some like honorable mentions afterwards uh let's

call this honorable mentions I I'll kind of whip through uh these honorable mentions as well uh okay so I on my list

let me just uh he says

here we go uh this one literally something I watched in the

last 48 hours uh a movie called drifting home uh again a Netflix original movie

uh this one was by Studio Colorado uh

so much heart in this movie I can't tell you um

how do I explain this it's the whole premise is kind of like it's

like a weird combination of house moving cat no sorry it's the weird combination of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's

Chest and no sorry world end meets uh

uh something else I can't think of right now but it's the whole idea is that this

Tower block uh of Apartments where these two kids grew up in um

they get Easter kite and their Tower block gets this guide to this Like Water

World um is the only way I could describe it because it is sailing

uh endlessly the the tower block the the old apartment and

um the the whole sort of message behind it is about grief and letting go and all

this other stuff that honestly sounds wild like you said

you compared it to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie where two boys and their

apartment building get Easter guys to all water worlds that's that's a

sentence I never in my life thought I'd ever hear it it the reason I I say that is because

um you know in World's End where they go looking for Jack Sparrow and they end up uh in the locker and you know they see

all these Souls like at Sea and and everything else and there's no sort of like

movement of the boat itself it's just endlessly drifting through empty water

yeah you get that same Vibe like okay it's a weird spiritual

place but it's also just endless water and they have like no food or

anything along those lines fantastic yeah exactly

um but yeah a great great movie by Netflix as well fantastic uh speaking of movies by

Netflix now might you might might be surprised to hear me say this this is why it's on an honorable mention list um Bubble

oh yeah yeah I think the bubbles were for watch we obviously did a whole episode uh

about it while I while I didn't wasn't the biggest fan of how the story flows

you can deny that it was what a wonderful watch sleigh it was so

wonderfully animated super impressive movie Very yeah

um but but yeah honestly like I mean at this point I'm kind of just uh I'm kind

of just like reeling out like and reeling out like names of the things

I didn't want to like talk about like obviously honorable mention Standalone

movies any Ghibli title like Princess Mononoke house Moving Castle Nordica

Valley of the wind Lapua Castle in the Sky the cat returns yes um

absolutely so much good stuff you got like the very obvious things like your name

um uh silent like voice um weathering review like five

centimeters per second like all these amazing Standalone films that deserve

there's ever watch and a lot of them are very critically acclaimed and what a lot of you will have watched them some of

you might not have if you haven't go down watch them like there's a lot of a lot of good anime that isn't just tied

to like Series yeah absolutely

um one last honorable mention from me Redline uh if you like

ridiculously insane animation like a trigger movie uh like like Studio

trigger check out Redline it looks insane when you said Redline I

was like is this a one PC the animation looks like I'm just looking at the icons for the cat for like the characters

um looks absolutely like beautifully stylized

yeah it's it is gorgeous it I'm really surprised it's not trigger just because

of the the sheer design and like art thing throughout yeah so Dynamic yeah

super dynamic definitely worth checking out uh done by

madhouse Studios 2009 this came out as well uh but it is

aged beautifully well it honestly looks fantastic I might also

get that much one more thing added to the list that gets only bigger

add it to the list add it to the I I I I I am a very

adamant fan of anime I love it I love it I love manga but I think that for me

anime is basically like video games for you yeah like I just keep getting a list that's

getting bigger and bigger and I just do not ever get around to to watch that

so yeah yeah that that's true um so for those who don't know my video

game list is disgusting like God of War one is on there and I've only

put two hours of play time into it before you picked up another game until

I went to like war zone or something ridiculous so uh yeah yeah

um so it's a bit like that for me it's like I might you'll hear me on these episodes like yeah I'm absolutely gonna watch that and I go I leave the episode

with the intent of doing it and then I get distracted by like video games or

you know watching stuff other stuff with my wife or you know d d it's like there's always other

things in my life it's like I I need to find a dedicated spot to fit in maybe I'll maybe I'll make it like I've got to

do it once a week in ingest some content like you're telling everyone I'm

gonna watch yeah uh it's not a bad idea it's not a bad idea

um yeah I I think to start with a couple of episodes and just build up that habit if

you are struggling to stick with things there's so much good things to watch at the moment uh yeah

so we're really sport for choice I would say so take it at your own time

they're not going to disappear overnight but it's fun to be part of the conversation when things like blue lock

chainsaw man um I saw the latest episode of my hero Academia today

oh I'm this close to starting Blue Block

I have no interest in football but you

were the one who recommended I watch free and I love free and now you're like

raving about blue lock and how much how good it is I'm like he's gonna be right he's got he's going

to be amazing and I'm gonna end up having all this knowledge about football that I never want this I know yeah it's

uh I saw I think it was on Reddit someone said something similar they they were like I had no intention of liking

football but this anime has lit something inside me like football loving ancestors are

gonna be rolling in their graves if they find out that are the only reason I understand the rules of the the great

game is is through anime

uh all I can say is episode seven was absolutely

just amazing episode on its own so uh yeah Sensational as future would say but

I guess that's been our list of original anime movies to watch yeah

nice clean episodes yes fantastic uh let us know if we've missed

anything is there any other movies you think a worth watch let us know you can

do so by leaving a comment down below if you don't know what to put just pop an emoji in there helps us out in a big bad

way you wouldn't believe it uh make sure to like share subscribe to the channel if you're listening to this one your

favorite podcast platform thank you for listening leave us a style rating helps us out in a big bad way also and uh yeah

any final words from you Mr Susu day follow us on hive [Laughter]

uh you're getting so good at this yeah well you know I've been in the game for

a little while now um seasonal event anime podcast on hive I believe that is

that is at Undisputed anime just like it is on Twitter and you can also find me

at susude on high social there he is

um yeah join our Discord again feel free to jump in give us some recommendations

and um yeah we shall catch you on the next episode thanks for listening thanks

for watching and stay safe Church of stone ocean

ciao whoa

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